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Why an SEO Strategy Should Govern Your Next Website Design

The construction of a professional new website for your business and brand can be a major undertaking. While you definitely want to focus on the website design itself, you should never neglect the “what comes next” question during the design meeting, the first and most critical phase of website development. Working under the assumption “build it and they will come” during a new website design makes it easy to overlook key SEO design elements that are so vital to driving traffic, generating leads and marketing your business on the internet.


In order for your business or brand to draw in new business via online marketing you will need strong placement on major search engines and tight integration with social media.  That’s why your new website should be designed, developed, and launched by an internet marketing team with in-depth knowledge of how all of the small pieces work together to complete the larger picture. To get the best possible marketing results online, your website design plan should be fashioned around SEO friendly elements that impact search engine results and social media campaign performance.


Search Engine Friendly Design Process Considerations

Website optimized for SEO perform better in search engines both organically and via paid search. They also perform better than non-SEO websites when used in conjunction with a social media marketing campaign. The following is a list of SEO related concepts that should be planned prior to starting work on the design and development of a new website:

  • SEO Keyword Analysis
  • Social Media Integration Plan
  • HTML Coding Standards
  • CSS and Scripts Integration and Minimization Strategy
  • File and URL Naming
  • Proper Alternate Text and Image Code
  • Use of Proper Anchor Text


Website Navigation and UI

Websites optimized for SEO are easier to use and provide a user interface that is better organized to the needs of the visitor. The improved navigation and user interface provided by SEO logic results in a positive effect on a website’s bounce rate, helping convert a higher ratio of visitors into leads. Some important navigational aspects which are benefited by SEO insights are as follows:

  • Which internal web pages are linked to from the homepage
  • How to best incorporate breadcrumbs
  • Managing the best cross navigation between pages
  • The website sitemap


SEO Planning Saves Time and Money

Blending SEO into the website design process harmoniously ties together elements of design, functionality, and performance. Successful marketing websites are formed as the result of a strong relationship between search engine optimization and website design principles. From a cost and efficiency standpoint, a website development process realizes several important benefits when design and marketing pieces are strategically planned in advance:

  • The web designer has better direction that results in a design that appeals closely to the needs of the target customer and visitor. Costly design revisions are often unnecessary down the road due to proper initial SEO planning and targeting.
  • The web developer has a clearer understanding of the right framework, code, and features to integrate when programming the website. Costly revisions to the framework of the website are minimized when SEO is integrated from the start.
  • The SEO team can spend less time focusing on the on-page optimization of the website during future internet marketing campaigns. They can instead use the excellent tool that is your new SEO optimized website to immediately launch successful search engine marketing campaigns.



Proper SEO during the website design process not only saves time and money, it also has a direct impact on marketability. A website designed with sound SEO principles will;

  • generate more traffic from search engines,
  • perform better in paid search engine marketing campaigns,
  • provide more value to associated social media campaigns,
  • and provide a better user experience to new visitors, leading to increased conversions.


If you have plans to design a new website, or redesign and improve an existing website, it is always important to let SEO planning guide the web design process. The planning you do during early stages of the design process play an important role later and help determine future website success. Hiring an expert web design and internet marketing company that is knowledgeable of the important relationship between SEO and Web Design is likely to provide the best results.


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