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What Factors Affect Your Site Ranking?

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Did you know that Google considers over 200 factors when ranking a specific website page? Yet most people, even some trained SEO professionals, can only guess what these factors are when devising strategies. Google evolves their ranking strategies and policies over time, many of which are never even made public. That is why a well designed strategy today will most likely become obsolete one year from now. Your search engine optimization (SEO) tactics should be changing constantly to keep up; otherwise, they will become outdated and less effective.


A website SEO company spends a lot of time researching, planning, and testing when optimizing your website. Each step is done with the goal of raising your website a step higher, making the changes that directly impact your site’s ranking on the search engines. After intense analysis and testing, we are then able to discover common parameters in Google’s website ranking algorithms that help your website perform at a top level. Intelligent research and thorough analysis, over time, is critical to a successful SEO campaign for your business.


Through experience, here are 8 basic and important parameters considered by Google’s search algorithm when ranking websites:


• Search terms in HTML title tag
• Search terms in HTML body copy
• Utilization of header tags around search terms
• Utilization of bold around search terms
• Search term in anchor text leading to the page
• The PR (Page-Rank) of a page
• Domain authority
• Website loading speed

Google responds differently to different website types. As a result, different websites require different SEO actions. A reputable SEO organization will know which SEO techniques work best for which websites and how those techniques can deliver results. They will also keep abreast of all recent trends and activities, especially the many changes happening over time with Google, in order to provide the most effective SEO services.


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