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Using CSS to Modernize Your Entire Website

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cascading Style Sheets, also known as CSS, is a language used on modern websites that allows you to centralize theoverall look and feel of all website elements. Using CSS it is possible to quickly and easily control the appearance and placement of text, images, and UI components on every page of a modern website design. When it comes to maintaining websites of any significant size, the use of CSS can save a significant amount of time. When you are looking at options for the redesign of your old existing site, the benefits of CSS are too great to overlook:


Central Control of a Website’s Look and Feel and Easy Website Maintenance

CSS helps define how individual elements will appear on a website. We can define all the formatting in a CSS document and link this single document to web pages where we want the intended formatting to appear. Later, whenever it is necessary to change the formatting or color of text, or the way other web elements appear on every page, we only need to update to the CSS classes on a single page. From this individual update defined in CSS all web pages are updated in unison, saving the tedious task of editing each page manually. Whether you need to change the page structure, update certain UI components, or add new design elements to website pages, the presence of a central CSS facilitates the easy execution of all these tasks. Also, your website visitors will experience the benefits of a website that has a consistent look and feel across all pages.


CSS Helps Reduce Page Load Time

The use of CSS reduces unnecessary formatting HTML code on every website page. This results in less code for web browsers to download and render during the page load process. The result is quicker loading pages. Your website visitors will experience the benefits of a quickly loading website and faster access to information.


Cross Browser Compatibility

By using CSS effectively we can control the cross browser compatibility of a website. With CSS, we can detect the web browser and OS being used by the end user and custom tailor the look and feel of the website to render perfectly on their device. Your website visitors will experience the benefits of a website that looks and feels uniform across many different browsers and operating systems, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.


SEO Friendly

The effective use of CSS enhances search engine friendliness of your website. Reduced HTML code on web pages that is placed instead into a central CSS file results in quick load time (as discussed above). Search engines love websites with quick load times and will give them preferential rankings in the search results.


If you are in the process of redesigning your business website, do not overlook the importance of CSS. Most modern frameworks used by professional website design companies include CSS by default, or CSS can be integrated into a custom design solution built for you. Either way you go, don’t forget to ask for CSS! It will greatly enhance website performance on your new site.



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