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Need an Amazing Website? Get seenBEST Web Design.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Thank you for your interest in seenBEST. If you are looking for the best website design, affordable advertising solutions that will help you increase sales, or intelligent social media and web application development…


seenBEST will amaze you!


We are locally owned and operated, and dedicated to providing you with high quality service at competitive prices. Unlike most unreliable internet marketing companies out there, we never trap you in lengthy contracts with cookie cutter solutions that don’t work. At seenBEST, a web expert meets with you to learn details about your business, goals, unique challenges and expectations.


Our professional team then uses this knowledge to provide custom, high impact solutions perfectly designed for your specific needs and budget.


Get seen BEST and gain the competitive edge online. To find out why we are the BEST choice when you need to get seen online, submit the form on our homepage for a free copy of our book @ www.seenbest-web-design.com


Then make your next web project as simple as a free consultation with our expert team.


Call now to schedule, (480) 256-9010


Thank you!

seenBEST Web Design

The Top 20 Web Marketing Concepts Your Next Website Design Company Should Know

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Marketing strategy is hands down the most important area of focus for any business. Owning a business and working on one’s own terms is a common dream shared by many, but creating a constant funnel of potential customers and converting them to real customer is not an easy task. Failure to bring on new business is the single most common reason why most companies fail. If you want to be a business owner and enjoy all the freedoms of working for yourself, you must bring on sales and you must first master marketing strategy.


All that glitters is not gold! The intelligent use of your marketing budget is what separates success from failure, and online marketing one of the most effective ways to get noticed by a large pool of potential customers. The key component of every single marketing campaign, whether on or offline, is the company website because that’s where most customers go to evaluate a company and make the final decision to buy. Having the right website design and web marketing strategy in place is critical, so it’s important to hire the right website company to help.


An expert in web design and online marketing will know the importance of the topics listed in this article. If you are looking for a company that can help you build a great website and effective internet marketing strategy, find out how knowledgeable they are with the following concepts:


Twenty Important Website Marketing Concepts


Go down the list one by one, asking your next potential website design company to explain how they can help build your website with each term in mind. Listen carefully to their response. While some companies are good at knowing a lot about very little and will try to bluff their way through the conversation, the right company will have more than just a quick one-line response. They will be able to describe to you at length the pros and cons of each term and how that aspect of web marketing applies to your specific website marketing strategy and goals.


Why is all of this important? Remember, the marketing success of your business depends in large part on the web marketing qualities of your website. An expert web company can design a brilliant website without compromising search engine friendliness.


Creating a buzz around your brand, getting your website found by potential new customers, and encouraging people to buy is a tough task. It requires a detailed knowledge of web design best practices, market research, internet marketing, website optimization techniques, and social media promotion. Hiring the wrong company to handle your next website project could result in failure and wasted budget. Hiring the right web design and internet marketing company will result in a website that consumes less of your time and money overall, provides fantastic lead generation for your business, and avoids the need to do the entire website project over again because the first company missed the mark.


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seenBEST Web Design

How To Establish and Manage an Online Presence for Your Business

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Most people know it’s important for a business to have an online presence if they want to be successful in the new decade. Business owners are well-aware of the importance of having a website to represent them along with a Facebook page to engage with their existing and potential customers. What many people don’t know is the importance of establishing and managing the online presence of a business.


Online Presence – What Does it Mean?

Online presence doesn’t mean just having a website. It is a broad phrase that includes all aspects of internet marketing; websites, blogs, social media profiles, business listings, and client testimonials with regard to the products and services being offered.


In order to gain maximum benefits from all the aforementioned, it is important to address them all carefully.

  1. A well-designed website – This is, in fact, the most basic requirement for any business. The website acts as constant representative where potential customers can gain first-hand information about the products and services they need. It should have a professional look, user friendly interface, and a search engine friendly website structure and navigation. It should also incorporate advanced marketing methods and should always have a strong call to action combined with relevancy to the targeted clients for the business. Hiring a web design company can help in getting things right the first time. It is also important to focus on search engine friendliness from the design phase. This will reduce unnecessary work that may arise in the future while further optimizing the site.
  2. A well-planned online marketing campaign – A well designed website, full of original and relevant content and the best user interface is not enough to attract customers. The website needs to rank well on all major search engines for any given set of keywords matching the industry. To achieve this goal, the online marketing campaign must include the perfect blend of organic SEO practices and paid placement of ads highlighting the products or services offered. The website should also incorporate a blog, with content that is updated frequently. Blog articles are the central hub of an effective internet marketing campaign.
  3. Social media presence – Gone are the days when Facebook was only a way to catch up with high-school friends and distant relatives. It is now a platform with more than 800 million people who can be target customers for any business. Therefore, having strong social media presence is essential. Facebook business pages are a great way to engage customers directly. It provides the option to communicate in real time. Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google + can also result in tremendous return on investment if used strategically.
  4. Positive online reputation – The online reputation of a business plays a very important role in the conversion of business leads into sales. Today’s customer is informed and prefers to research the products and services they are going to buy online before they purchase. They put a great deal of stock in what people are saying about those products, services and their offers. With this said, it is very important to watch the testimonials published online by customers (or business rivals in some cases). Negative feedback and reviews can directly affect overall sales. On the other hand, encouraging positive reviews will have the opposite effect.

The business owner who is willing to take advantage of what online marketing has to offer will gain the competitive edge over their competition. Keep in mind that in addition to the above, there are other industry specific factors that can affect the online presence of a business. Hiring an experienced team in the field of web design, online marketing, and social media optimization will offer a tremendous advantage.

seenBEST Web Design

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