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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Sunday, December 9th, 2012


Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is an internet marketing strategy that will make it easier to find information about your business online. SEO serves as the backbone of every successful internet marketing campaign you run and can help to increase website traffic and sales.


In order to create a powerful SEO campaign, an SEO team will determine the composition of your industry, the makeup of your customer, search statistics, and the advertising media that you plan to target such as Google Search or Facebook.


Next, the SEO team will analyze your domain name and server, advertising copy, website content, code, and structure. Good SEO will improve the appeal of your website on search engines, making it easier to match what you do with the customers who are searching for you.


An effective SEO team consists of a professional website designer, developer, internet marketing expert, and content writer. These professionals create articles, videos, and other interesting content to increase lead generation.


The quality of your SEO has a profound impact on the success of all of your paid search engine marketing campaigns. If your goal is to attract more customers from the internet, having better SEO than your industry competitors and maintaining your SEO campaign on a regular basis is crucial.


seenBEST Web Design

Bring in New Customers for Your Business | Stand Out and Get Seen

Monday, November 5th, 2012

How can seenBEST Web Design, Arizona’s best website design and internet marketing company, help your company grow?



You want to stand out from the competition. With the best website, you’ll get seen by the right people. The problem is finding an experienced team of web professionals that can provide high quality services at affordable prices. seenBEST provides comprehensive solutions for all your website and internet marketing needs. Let’s look at what’s involved in getting a website design you’ll love and a marketing program with proven results for the best return on investment.


You can’t get more business until you attract more web traffic. Sure, a pretty website is great, but you can’t grow without a professional custom website, web application development, content management, and social media, integrated with marketing and lead generation strategies. You can make your site stand out in your industry and be found by appealing to your ideal customers and presenting a professional appearance.


First, you need a functional website design that considers all the features of the site that your visitors need and expect…that’s how you get them to take the action you want –sign up…call…buy! Then, apply search engine optimization and marketing strategies to generate new leads and increase sales, and pull it all together with storyboards to see the whole picture. At this point, you’re probably thinking … With all these things to consider, I need a team!


That’s where seenBEST can help. Our team can build a custom website as the centerpiece of your online marketing strategy. From small businesses to corporations in any industry, seenBEST produces professional websites that showcase your business as the best in your industry, with high quality at affordable prices.  Having the perfect website is important, but it’s not enough. You need an internet marketing strategy that drives the right people to your site, so that you can achieve your desired return on investment.


To make your website stand out from the competition and get seen by more people, you can’t rely on traditional marketing programs. This is where many businesses get hung up. To get results online, you need search engine marketing, traffic building, social media campaigns, and web analytics. seenBEST gets you to the top of search engine rankings with search engine optimization based on keyword research. That’s how ready buyers get to your site. It takes quality content such as blog articles, website text and landing pages, an integrated social media campaign designed to target the right people and increase visibility, and professional videos that market your business and bring in new customers.


seenBEST is Arizona’s best website design and internet marketing company. Our local team of experts is ready to help. Don’t lose another day of sales. Why not call for a free consultation now? Call 480-256-9010 and learn how you can make your sales grow!


seenBEST Web Design

Why You Should Create Fresh Content for Your Website on a Regular Basis

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

While many business owners know that it’s important to create and update website content on a regular basis, very few actually follow through with the task. The main reason why businesses fail to produce new content is time, most companies simply do not have the time necessary to invest in content creation. Another is a lack of ideas, most businesses have not created a content marketing strategy to help them plan out the creation of content.


However, a lack of fresh content can be a serious problem when it comes to business growth. Without fresh content, your website will quickly fall out of date in the eyes of major search engines, including Google. That can cause traffic flow problems and will make it easier for your website to fall behind the competition in search engine rankings. Additionally, your website and social media properties will become stale to visitors and potential customers.


A good content marketing strategy for any business involves the creation of new, high-quality content on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This helps your business a number of ways, mainly:

  • Existing customers will check back to your website and social media properties often to find out what’s new
  • Your website will perform better in major search engines and will position higher than your competitors
  • Potential customers visiting your website will be more inclined to purchase your products or services if the information is recent and relevant to their needs
  • Website visitors fall into two categories. They either want new information or they want a product or service.


Products and Services

In the case of selling services, content creation involves the creation of helpful information and media that explains your services, what you do, and how you can help. Potential customers want to know if your service fits their needs and how much money your services cost. If your website provides regular and fresh content concerning your services it will be more likely to help you close a sale.


In the case of products, potential customers want to know everything about the product. They want to see images and videos of the product, and they want reliable descriptions and technical specs. It’s also helpful if you provide a place for customer reviews. Customer reviews do count as fresh content for a website, and they provide valuable information to other potential customers.



People are always looking for new information on a wide variety of topics. Some individuals want to know more about business or personal finance. Others want to know how to remodel their homes, decorate and fix minor repairs. Still, others are looking to broaden their overall knowledge or be entertained by blog articles.


Keep in mind that every unique individual is looking for specific answers to their own angle on a question. That is why content creation should be an endless process for your business. The more content you produce better prepares your website to answer a broad range possible of questions presented by people searching, which leads to an increase in website visitors. After they visit, providing those visitors with quality information on the topics they are searching for could translate into increased leads and sales.


Social Websites

Social media is a great place to share ideas and keep your friends, family, coworkers and potential clients and customers up-to-date, but it’s useless if you have nothing new to share. When you have no new links, videos, information or discounts to share you stop updating your webpages and chances are good that you’ll also stop updating your social media pages. A content creation strategy ensures that you will always have regular content for your website, which in turns fuels content for your social media channels.


Internet Marketing

Since many businesses lack the time and often the internal resources to produce fresh and relevant content for websites and social media, hiring an Internet Marketing firm can help dramatically. A good internet marketing firm can first sit down with your business, learn about your customers, and help you develop a plan to generate fresh and appealing content. The Internet Marketing firm will can utilize a team of professionals that is almost always unavailable to a small to mid-sized business. The team will often include a content writer, advertising professional, videographer, photographer, website designer and web developer who all work together to produce interesting new:

  • Articles and blog posts
  • Graphics and photographs
  • Videos
  • Website pages
  • Applications
  •  Contests and promotions


When you hire a professional Internet Marketing firm to help you implement a content marketing strategy you free up internal time and resources for other projects, saving time and money. The fresh content these professionals produce will help your business remain competitive, attract new visitors, and successfully contribute to the overall growth of your business.



seenBEST Web Design

How to Design a Website That Generates New Leads

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Learning how to build a website isn’t as simple as picking up a book on HTML and creating a basic website. Yes, a website design like that would be perfectly functional, but it wouldn’t help your conversion rates and doesn’t do your business any favors. Wondering how to design a website that’s exciting and relevant to all of the unique aspects your business? More importantly, would you like to design a website that will generate new leads from the internet? Here are six important elements you’ll need to implement in a website design to help generate leads:


Perfect Your Platforms

Mobile devices are increasingly connected to the Internet. In fact, almost 20% of all Internet traffic is coming from mobile devices this year, with that number likely to double in the next few years. If you want to get people to convert, you need to know how to design a site that works in different browsers and on different devices. Knowing how to make a website for just one browser or just one operating system is no longer good enough. Focus on web design that is responsive, which means it will preserve the same look and layout throughout all devices. Designing a website that loads quickly and is easy to use on computers as well as tablets and smartphones ensures that your potential leads stick around long enough to commit to your product or service.


Distinct Design

Why design a website that looks exactly like all your competitors? If you do not stand out from the competition and offer value to your visitors they will be less inclined to utilize your services. Go for a modern and sleek design that sets you apart from the competition and does a better job of providing your visitors what they are looking for. Hiring a web designer who understands the importance of internet marketing will result in a beautiful website design that gives the extra oomph your website needs to succeed.


Clear and Relevant Copy

Don’t waste your users’ time. Visitors to your website have come there seeking out information about your business. They are evaluating how to contact you, if you provide the products or services they are looking for, and in some cases to get a clearer picture about your industry. It’s important for your website to provide clear copy and interesting images that match what your ideal customer is looking for. Relevant website copy is created from a careful blend of market research, industry knowledge, and details about your business that would be helpful to both new and existing customers. A good website design and internet marketing team will take the time to sit down to meet with you, generating a complete understanding of your business before moving forward with the design process.


Contact Information

Even though it’s a simple task to provide contact information, many websites eliminate this entirely. Don’t be one of them. Your customers need to know how to contact your business before they can purchase your products or services. Having clear and concise contact information, multiple ways to contact you, and a highly visible and obvious call to action will help increase your conversion rates.


Strong SEO

Knowing how to design a website that’s beautiful and has great information is just one piece of the internet marketing puzzle. If you want to achieve success, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is equally critical. The creation of an SEO strategy is a complicated process that involves competitor research, industry research, keyword analysis, website programming, copy editing, and content generation. Make sure you consult with an internet marketing team that is skilled in the area of SEO and is able to utilize Search Engine Optimization correctly to increase visibility for your brand.


Easy to Find Information

Today’s shoppers are incredibly savvy and they often research and compare products or services from several competing companies before finally making a purchase. Your website must be structured correctly in a way that quickly provides them the information they need when researching. In addition to providing easy access to information, your website should provide information that is trustworthy and factual to get customers on your side. Having useful information on your website establishes your company as the best company to buy from in the eyes of the consumer.


Learning how to build a website that generates leads is a complex process. Your site needs to be beautiful, interesting, relevant and well-designed. It must be formed on a strong SEO strategy, with easy to find information and firm calls to action. It’s critical that you get the process right if you want to generate leads. Consulting with an expert web design and internet marketing company can help you create the perfect website for your business. Don’t miss out on the thousands of customers that are searching for you every month! Make the most of your online presence and internet marketing investment by working with professionals to design your next website!


seenBEST Web Design

The Power of Font Selection for Your Next Website

Monday, October 15th, 2012

An attractive website design depends on many components, and creative fonts are among the most important of all. The
right web design font, or typeface, can give visual clues to tell site visitors what your business is all about. Fonts on a website can convey any kind of business style, from a trusted financial institution to a dating network to a kids’ clothing store.

The first thing to consider about selecting a font is how “fancy” it looks. Old-fashioned lettering usually contains frills and
accents around the letters called serifs. Modern lettering styles can be with serifs or embellishment-free (sans serif). There are also hundreds of specialty fonts that add even more spice and flavor to a web design. The trick is to find the right creative fonts to match your business niche.


Creative and fun websites often use sans-serif fonts for a clean and sleek appearance, although some readability can be lost. Thick sans serif web fonts would include Impact, Gil Sans and Arial Black. These bold typefaces may be used for headlines or sub-headings with great readability, but they can be difficult to decipher in smaller type sizes. Thinner sans serif website fonts include Futura, Helvetica and Lucida Grande, all of which are supremely readable at almost any size.


Bodoni is one of the modern website fonts with serifs. It has variations in line thickness that helps each letter stand out, even at smaller type sizes. Bodoni borrows elements of the past, yet it has a lilt that seems to convey a relaxed and open attitude. In fact, the grunge band Nirvana used the Bodoni typeface in its logo, and Bodoni was also used to enhance the poster design for the musical “Mamma Mia!”.


Business websites can create a professional image through the use of creative fonts. Sophisticated and professional-looking web fonts can include elegant and cursive typefaces, such as Bickham Script. More understated fonts like Optima and Caslon are also good choices. Perhaps the best known of the great business web design fonts is Times New Roman; it is highly legible at any size and particularly suitable for a refined website design.


Selecting a font for your website is not something to take lightly. Web design fonts can send a message that your business is an industry leader or just a lightweight with no influence. A professional web design company can integrate fonts on a website to accommodate all of today’s technology, including PCs, mobile devices, laptops and smartphones. Put some power behind font selection with the help of an expert web designer.

seenBEST Web Design

Why an SEO Strategy Should Govern Your Next Website Design

Monday, October 1st, 2012

The construction of a professional new website for your business and brand can be a major undertaking. While you definitely want to focus on the website design itself, you should never neglect the “what comes next” question during the design meeting, the first and most critical phase of website development. Working under the assumption “build it and they will come” during a new website design makes it easy to overlook key SEO design elements that are so vital to driving traffic, generating leads and marketing your business on the internet.


In order for your business or brand to draw in new business via online marketing you will need strong placement on major search engines and tight integration with social media.  That’s why your new website should be designed, developed, and launched by an internet marketing team with in-depth knowledge of how all of the small pieces work together to complete the larger picture. To get the best possible marketing results online, your website design plan should be fashioned around SEO friendly elements that impact search engine results and social media campaign performance.


Search Engine Friendly Design Process Considerations

Website optimized for SEO perform better in search engines both organically and via paid search. They also perform better than non-SEO websites when used in conjunction with a social media marketing campaign. The following is a list of SEO related concepts that should be planned prior to starting work on the design and development of a new website:

  • SEO Keyword Analysis
  • Social Media Integration Plan
  • HTML Coding Standards
  • CSS and Scripts Integration and Minimization Strategy
  • File and URL Naming
  • Proper Alternate Text and Image Code
  • Use of Proper Anchor Text


Website Navigation and UI

Websites optimized for SEO are easier to use and provide a user interface that is better organized to the needs of the visitor. The improved navigation and user interface provided by SEO logic results in a positive effect on a website’s bounce rate, helping convert a higher ratio of visitors into leads. Some important navigational aspects which are benefited by SEO insights are as follows:

  • Which internal web pages are linked to from the homepage
  • How to best incorporate breadcrumbs
  • Managing the best cross navigation between pages
  • The website sitemap


SEO Planning Saves Time and Money

Blending SEO into the website design process harmoniously ties together elements of design, functionality, and performance. Successful marketing websites are formed as the result of a strong relationship between search engine optimization and website design principles. From a cost and efficiency standpoint, a website development process realizes several important benefits when design and marketing pieces are strategically planned in advance:

  • The web designer has better direction that results in a design that appeals closely to the needs of the target customer and visitor. Costly design revisions are often unnecessary down the road due to proper initial SEO planning and targeting.
  • The web developer has a clearer understanding of the right framework, code, and features to integrate when programming the website. Costly revisions to the framework of the website are minimized when SEO is integrated from the start.
  • The SEO team can spend less time focusing on the on-page optimization of the website during future internet marketing campaigns. They can instead use the excellent tool that is your new SEO optimized website to immediately launch successful search engine marketing campaigns.



Proper SEO during the website design process not only saves time and money, it also has a direct impact on marketability. A website designed with sound SEO principles will;

  • generate more traffic from search engines,
  • perform better in paid search engine marketing campaigns,
  • provide more value to associated social media campaigns,
  • and provide a better user experience to new visitors, leading to increased conversions.


If you have plans to design a new website, or redesign and improve an existing website, it is always important to let SEO planning guide the web design process. The planning you do during early stages of the design process play an important role later and help determine future website success. Hiring an expert web design and internet marketing company that is knowledgeable of the important relationship between SEO and Web Design is likely to provide the best results.

seenBEST Web Design

Competitor Research – Doing “It” Better Than the Competition

Monday, July 30th, 2012

This article is part of a series of twenty articles. Click to read: The Top 20 Web Marketing Concepts Your Next Website Design Company Should Know


Competitor research is an often overlooked key factor that helps to determine the outcome of an internet marketing campaign. Few web marketing companies and campaign strategists take enough care to do the best possible job analyzing the competition during this critical phase. So, why is it so important to know what your business rivals are doing? This article discusses some of the important points to consider concerning competitor research in SEO, SEM, and SMM campaigns.


Competitor research helps to achieve following goals:


Understand the Level of Competition

When launching a new business or attempting to take an existing business to the next level, it’s important to understand the online competition level of the industry as a whole. Some industries have very little competition on the internet and can be mastered with a small budget and little effort. Other industries have companies that spend millions of dollars on ad campaigns annually, and the investment required to compete is extensive. Knowing the current intensity level of your competition online will allow you to plan out what it will take from a time and budgetary standpoint to stay on top. This is an invaluable first step that can help determine what forms of online marketing you will engage in and where you should place your internet marketing budgets to achieve the highest return.


Understand the Market

Before launching a website, new product, or service, it is very important to understand your market. Here we explore competitor pricing, values, and offers. Proper market research can help determine your success in the beginning and is the best way to estimate profitability, capital requirement, and how to initiate marketing and promotional plans.


Understand Customer Needs

While conducting competitor research, you uncover valuable feedback left by competitors’ customers. You will also find comments left by general consumers on the message boards of industry associations and in social media outlets. All of this information is of great help in understanding the general needs of your potential customers, what concerns they have most often, and usually tends to satisfy them the most. You can use this data to structure your website and online marketing materials to appeal directly to the type of customer you’re looking for.


Decide Your Final List of SEO Keyword Phrases

During an SEO campaign, it is very important to find the most effective keywords or search phrases that people use to reach their destination (product or service provider’s website). If a search term is driving a lot of traffic to your prime competitor’s website, it can help you to compete for the same keywords and outrank your competitors in the search engines.


It is always advisable to find an internet marketing expert to help with competitor research as they have in-depth knowledge to guide you during your website and internet marketing launch. They can usually provide a detailed competitive analysis that includes competitor’s websites, social media channels, linked pages, industry affiliations, and everything else you need to know about them in order to start off an SEO, SEM, or SMM campaign in right direction. If you would like to track what activities your competitors are performing online to gain market share, contact seenBEST today. We can help you stand out from the competition and gain market share at the expense of your competition.


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