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Google+ (Google Plus) Directories – Add Your Profile Link and Connect!

Monday, August 8th, 2011
Google+ Directory List

Google+ Directory List

plus.google.com (Google+) is the fastest growing website in history, according to analytics firm comScore. As of July 24, less than one month after the Google plus test site was launched, 25 million invitation-only users are organizing, sharing, and communicating with people through Google’s Circle technology.


Do you need an invitation to Google+? Click here to use on of our 150 available invitations, and add yourself to Google+!


Social networks are only as interesting as the content they provide to the user, that content coming in the way of status updates and posts from users in your network. Google+ has quickly become a major social network, and users are looking for more ways to search for and connect with other Google Plus users. Would you like to find more users to interact with on Google+, increase the usefulness of your network, and fill your stream with news and information that closely matches your own interests? Check out the following Google+ Directories. At the end of this post you’ll have the ability to post your own Google+ profile, where others can find your profile and circle you!


1. Find People On Plus. This Google Plus directory was introduced by Google to make searching on specific Google Plus profiles much easier. You can search not only on names but on all specific profile fields provided on Google Plus. As of August 4, nearly 10 million Google Plus users have been indexed on this site.


You’ll find an indexed list of the most popular Google Plus users on the FindPeopleOnPlus.com home page. On the left sidebar, choose filter parameters in categories such as Relationship, Looking for, Gender, Occupation, and City from the category shortcuts. Click on the People Directory link to surf profiles and track people.


Twitter users can also find out which of their followers and friends are on Google Plus. Go to www.findpeopleonplus.com/twitter2plus/ and type in your Twitter name.


2. GPEEP. GPEEP is a Google Plus search engine where you can search for people on Google Plus. Just type the person’s profile name or other search term in the Find People on G Plus box at the top of the home page. You can circle the profiles you’re interested in, and read, comment on, and share their posts. Or just for fun, click on Google’s famous I Feel Lucky button in the left sidebar and see who you meet!


Make it easy for people to find you, too. Click Add Yourself Now in the upper left hand corner of the page and provide the simple information requested. Be sure to tag yourself with as many search criteria as you can think of. Your profile can be found immediately on GPEEP. You can even let people know what type of product or service or job qualifications you offer by clicking on Add a Pitch or a Deal near the top right of the home page.


3. Google. An easy way to find Google+ users is just to use Google itself. Enter this search term – site:plus.google.com – and any parameter, such as a profession, town, type of business, or even a name. Users who have created public profiles are searchable, as are their updates and posts. Privacy options may protect some user profile information from search results, but most of the data provided on the Google Plus About page and in the profile fields is currently public.


An additional way to use Google+ to connect with other similar minded potential friends is the “Find People” link, located within the Circles tab of Google+. To use this feature, click the “Circles” tab at the top of your Google+ profile. From there, click on the “Find People” link. You will be presented with a list of suggested users, allowing you to drag and drop them into any of your circles, or create a new circle out of recommended users only. Google closely matches the suggested users with interests you’ve listed in your profile, and Sparks, so be sure to fill out your profile and select topics of interests from the Sparks tab in order to benefit the most from this feature.


4. Women of G Plus. The WoG Plus site started as a way for Google Plus women users to connect and share their ideas. Although the designer insists “this is not a women vs. men thing,” it is primarily a networking resource for Google Plus women, who currently comprise 33 percent of Google Plus users. The site provides articles and blogs from Featured Women of Google Plus, and offers tips to “Optimize Your Google Plus Profile” and other Google Plus tutorials and how-tos. If you want to contribute, click on the Want to Be Featured? tab at the top of the page.


Want to read more? Connect with these Google+ profiles for more interesting information in your stream:

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The right website design: Do your web pages reflect your business philosophy?

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

You are a business owner, you have a website, and you’ve worked hard to promote your website on the internet. Yet, for some reason, you fail to generate income or significant leads or calls online. Consider for a moment the possibility that you are using the wrong message, or marketing techniques. As a website service provider, I have seen this on more than once occasion. A company will come to us looking for help with their internet marketing. Everything seems to be right. They have strong traffic, they have a good product. Big warning signs go off, however, upon further examination of their website.

A good website that results in sales must include several elements that are critical to making a sale. Effective calls to action, easy to use navigation, a pleasing look, crisp and clean images, and clarity of message. These elements aren’t easy to wrap together, especially when a website has been pieced together over years – and that’s exactly what happens. Most companies have a website designed all at once, and then spend several years hacking in pictures, text, and little snippets of code here and there to add features. Usually it’s all done without aid of a professional website designer which makes matters worse.

The first thing we will evaluate when a client comes to us with this problem is whether or not it’s worth the time to ‘save’ the website. Some websites in disrepair can be salvaged, and it makes financial sense to do so. Other websites, on the other hand, are so badly managed that the best way to go is a complete re-design. A website should be a copy of your business, an extension of your companies values and benefits. The information must be presented in an easy to read format and must quickly make a positive impression on the visitor. In most cases, it’s easier to start from scratch and design a new, modern website that captures these necessary elements.

Think from a customer’s point of view. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in your website, after all, it’s yours! And if you’ve worked on it yourself, you could be proud of what you’ve done. But it’s often more beneficial to stand outside of the role of business owner and look at your website from the eyes of a complete stranger. Will they really care about what your website is saying to them? If they are in a rush, will they have the time to read through long pages of text? If they have never seen your website before, will it be obvious to them how to find the information they are looking for? And most importantly, will the website be attractive to all customers, not just a few people who are ‘in your industry’?

There really is no point in designing a website without first evaluating all of these ideas. A good website design firm will sit down and meet with you, then they will make a genuine effort to understand your industry. They will understand what your business provides, the values, the benefits. And they will try to understand the philosophy of your company. Quite simply, all of the words, pictures, videos, blog content, links, background colors, links, tabs, and everything else pertaining to your website should be fashioned in a way that matches YOUR business and appeals to YOUR customers.

Your website is the very best tool available to offer up an image of your company to the world. Get that image wrong, and you’ll find that you have a colorful website and no new business. Make sure that your web design company is ready, willing, and available to take the time to understand YOUR needs and your wants and will help design a website accordingly.

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We offer professional web design services. Our initial contact with you will be a free consultation, where we will talk to you about your exact needs and wants for a website or online marketing campaign. After this consultation we will be in a better position to provide you with exactly the right package for your needs. Please feel free to give us a call anytime for a free consultation: (602) 456-0150.

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