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Business Marketing Tip: Focus on the Positive

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Focus on the PositiveHave you struggled to achieve satisfactory results from past business marketing efforts? You’re not alone. Most entrepreneurs waste lots of valuable time struggling to find effective advertising solutions. Trying to grow a business and spending a small fortune in the process, only to get back very little in return, is a painful and unpleasant experience. The failure to bring on new clients via effective advertising will keep you from becoming successful. This inability to generate leads is common in new businesses, and forces most one-time business owners to abandon their dreams, back to the safety of a 9 to 5.


Don’t let past marketing efforts that failed to produce new clients lead to a fear of failure, or convince you to abandon advertising completely. It takes money to make money, all successful business owners and managers embrace this fact. New clients are a necessity for any business to grow and remain strong, without them your business will fail. So, the question is not whether you should market your business, the question is how can you best market your business? Yes it takes money to make money, but that money needs to work smart to make an impact. You need to find out how to allocate the money you do have into advertising methods that guarantee higher margins of profitability, and invest your advertising budget in new lead generation techniques that result in a measurable increase in new clients.


How could a profitable advertising campaign help your business grow? Visualize the success you want, and then focus your resources on the positive to make it happen. A positive outlook could provide the spark you need to evaluate and learn from negative advertising experiences, and create a successful marketing plan from past failures. Here’s how:

  • Go back and make note of every advertising method you have ever tried in the past
  • Now examine and make note of all of the current ways you are spending money to advertise your business
  • List each marketing type above in a spreadsheet
  • For each method in the list, write down the total amount of money spent on that advertising method to date
  • You should also calculate in the cost of time allocated by staff members to the total amount spent for each
  • Now add up how much projected revenue you’ve gained from each of those methods to date
  • Including recurring revenue from clients who found you via that one method but used your services multiple times


Your list may resemble the following, an example marketing analysis data provided by a Phoenix area IT firm:


Marketing Methods Analysis


How can you take a list like this one, built with data from your own business, and focus on the positive to turn around negative advertising adventures? To start, look at your list as a framework to learn from and build upon. The first step is to identify which advertising methods work and discard all others. It’s important to avoid wasting marketing budget if you want your business to grow. See the following graphic, we went through our sample list and crossed out all forms of marketing that resulted in wasted budget:



The above methods, crossed out in red, cost a total of $142,112 but only resulted in a total of $12,224 in revenues. That’s a total loss of $129,888. The first step towards success in marketing is eliminating those methods that fail to generate more revenue than they expend. If you are losing money, consider another medium. Your most important resource as a business owner is time, so don’t wait forever to take action. Reallocate your budget immediately by eliminating every advertising method you’re spending money on that isn’t working (those items in red above). Once you free up this money, you can either move those funds to advertising methods on your list that are proven to be profitable, or try new marketing avenues that you haven’t yet explored.


Focus on the Positive to Improve Your Advertising

To improve on advertising methods that are not as profitable as they could be, the solution is to focus on the positive. The return for methods on your list that are close to break-even can usually be improved by making a few adjustments. In our example above, the question was how can we improve our video ads to make them more profitable? For your list, evaluate your products and services from the your customer’s point of view. What service or product are you currently providing that existing clients really like? Think about all the positive qualities of your product, service, and offer, and hone in on what your customers are looking for. Next, change up the message in your lower performing advertising methods to better deliver on the needs and wants of your ideal client. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating articles for content marketing or producing videos for social media sites. Pour your enthusiasm and pack value into what you’re doing, the main idea here is to focus on the positive. In our case, for a recent video content marketing campaign, we re-thought the entire campaign to come up with ways we could produce higher quality videos that were more engaging, entertaining, and useful for our target clients.


Whatever you do, keep a positive mindset and don’t be afraid to invest in your business. Remember, it takes money to make money. While you should definitely try new things, you should also keep a watchful eye on your investments and tend to them on a regular basis to maximize results. Doing so will allow you to eliminate obstacles and negative investments, focus in on those things that are working well, and create powerful new marketing messages to attract new customers.



seenBEST Web Design

Need an Amazing Website? Get seenBEST Web Design.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Thank you for your interest in seenBEST. If you are looking for the best website design, affordable advertising solutions that will help you increase sales, or intelligent social media and web application development…


seenBEST will amaze you!


We are locally owned and operated, and dedicated to providing you with high quality service at competitive prices. Unlike most unreliable internet marketing companies out there, we never trap you in lengthy contracts with cookie cutter solutions that don’t work. At seenBEST, a web expert meets with you to learn details about your business, goals, unique challenges and expectations.


Our professional team then uses this knowledge to provide custom, high impact solutions perfectly designed for your specific needs and budget.


Get seen BEST and gain the competitive edge online. To find out why we are the BEST choice when you need to get seen online, submit the form on our homepage for a free copy of our book @ www.seenbest-web-design.com


Then make your next web project as simple as a free consultation with our expert team.


Call now to schedule, (480) 256-9010


Thank you!

seenBEST Web Design

Internet Video Marketing

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

This article is part of a series of twenty articles. Click to read: The Top 20 Web Marketing Concepts Your Next Website Design Company Should Know


If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what is a video worth? Video is a great way for you to form a personal connection with visitors to your website, increase conversion rates, and drive traffic to your website from YouTube and elsewhere online. So why do most people avoid creating videos for their business? Many first-time clients say they are too self-critical or don’t have the time to bring their elaborate ideas to life.


Look, you don’t have to be a movie star OR have an Oscar winning idea to make a successful video! Just be yourself and talk about things you’re passionate about. If you want to do it yourself, a webcam and simple movie making software will do. Or seenBEST Internet Marketing can help. Our video packages start at only $500 and include idea brainstorming, writing a professional script for you, a recording session where we come to you and record the video using HD video and audio equipment, post video production and editing, and posting your new online and embedding it to your website.



We can record and publish to the internet for you:

  • Staff bio video
  • Highlights from your events
  • Corporate values
  • Training sessions
  • Landing page sales videos
  • Customer video testimonials


Could your Arizona business benefit from video marketing? We travel anywhere in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Call (602) 456-0150 for a free consultation.


A few examples of on-page videos:




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seenBEST Web Design

Get a Business Referral APP for Facebook Pages

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Does your business offer a referral program to drive leads? Have you integrated that program into your Facebook page?


Facebook is a powerful platform for referral programs. Almost everyone uses Facebook and, using the right Facebook tools, it is possible to provide everyone an easy to use method for sending promotional data about product and services to their network. With this type of application you can have your friends, family, and customers refer your business to the people they know. You can even drive targeted Facebook ads to your new app.


Take a look at this referral APP example on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/energysavingaudit/app_369491899737901


This application is a valuable tool that can be used for affiliate programs and any other type of lead generation where you want to leverage the power of social media to drive traffic. If your Phoenix or Scottsdale area business would like to integrate referrals into Facebook, schedule a free consultation with a local internet marketing expert: (602) 456-0150.

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seenBEST Web Design

One-stop Solution to All Web Problems: Internet Marketing Phoenix

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Advanced. Sophisticated. And in a hurry. Today’s Internet surfer has a short attention span, and with just a mouse click can quickly and easily move on to other websites. Don’t expect him to patiently flip through page after page of search engine results. About 99% of searchers never get past the first results page. You really must engage in brisk internet marketing and move your website up the ladder of Google ranking to succeed.


The world wide web hosts millions of websites, which means most businesses are facing an overwhelming number of competitors. And today’s smart, cost-conscious consumer usually knows how much he should pay for a product. If you want to grow your online business, keep in mind these two facts:

  • You will not succeed in attracting traffic if your page is hovering down at the lower rungs of the ranking ladder.
  • Even if your page enjoys a fair bit of visibility, you cannot take it for granted that the client is going to purchase your products. This is because a rational surfer likes to visit other similar sites to compare quality and prices.


To grab the attention of the potential customer and ensure greater traffic and higher sales, you must use all of the internet marketing schemes, strategies and tools at your disposal.


Internet Marketing Phoenix and Benefits

The benefits of Internet marketing include:

  • Offering SEO services at low prices for clients with limited budgets
  • Providing more comprehensive client services as needed
  • Using various SEM strategies to boost web traffic and encourage sales
  • Deploying powerful web marketing tactics, such as video marketing, social marketing, keyword marketing, content writing, and more
  • Developing clients’ website content and design with SEO-friendly tools and applications
  • Combining conventional marketing forms like email marketing with modern ones like Facebook marketing to escalate traffic and sales
  • Narrowing the gap between your existing page rank and the No. 1 Google rank
  • Enhancing the client’s image through reputation management strategies


Internet Marketing Phoenix and Beyond

Internet marketing means: a great solution to all your web-related problems. A team of Internet marketing experts can sort out all the difficulties that your website may be facing, including fierce competition, low site traffic, low page ranking and low conversion rate. The professionals at seenBEST Web Design in Phoenix have extensive Internet experience and are known for grasping and tackling the plethora of problems that generally plague small businesses online. We customize our services to meet clients’ widely diverse needs and budgets.


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seenBEST Web Design

3 Ways SEO Can Propel Your Online Business

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Are your online business revenues disappointing? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of competitors fighting for your potential client base? If so, then it’s time to seek the services of an SEO Phoenix expert.


Here are 3 ways our SEO Phoenix services company can help boost your client base and your earnings:


  1. Improve your website’s Google ranking: By targeting relevant SEO keywords and building high quality content, your website will be seen by more people in Phoenix and you’ll achieve higher search rankings. It’s a fact that over three quarters of Americans on the Web use search engines to find information about the products or services they’re thinking of buying. And two thirds of those searches are on Google. Company listings displaying in the top half of page one Google search results capture 99% of consumers, which could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue per year. Thus, if your website does not appear in the top 10 of Google results, you’re losing the earnings potential of this major business marketing tool. SEO Scottsdale or Phoenix can help by targeting relevant keywords and building high quality content.
  2. Increase sales: By employing SEO strategies, your website’s Google rank can be improved, which will lead to increased traffic. But high traffic is not enough to guarantee increased sales. In order to make potential customers buy your products or services, you need to convince prospects that what you offer best meets their needs. With the services of an SEO Scottsdale expert and content writer, you can fill your website with attention-grabbing articles that demonstrate your expertise and experience. Sales will go up and cash will flow in. After all, what ultimately matters for your business is revenue.
  3. Rise above the competition: By designing and optimizing your website with SEO keywords and appealing features, tools, applications and content, you’ll achieve increased traffic and sales. The battle for the most popular website has a lot of money at stake. The rule of survival of the fittest holds true in this battle, and using a Phoenix web designer and SEO Scottsdale expert will help you win the battle. They know the tricks to optimize your website. For example, websites using Flash are hard for Google to track, which reduces these sites’ Google rankings. The SEO Phoenix team at seenBEST Web Design in Phoenix can prevent Google rank disasters and help your website move ahead of the competition!

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seenBEST Web Design

Video Marketing for Your Business

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011


seenBEST Web Design produces custom videos to market your business on the internet. We script, film, edit, brand, and publish high quality videos to your website, social media properties, and YouTube channels.


Let seenBEST Web Design create your next internet marketing video. Video is great for:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Personal messages to clients
  • News or announcements
  • Much more!


Our full range of internet marketing services ensure that your new video will be seen. Market your Phoenix, Arizona business professionally with our complete array of internet marketing solutions including website design, web development, internet marketing, social media marketing and more.


Call us at (602) 456-0150 to schedule your free consultation.


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seenBEST Web Design

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