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Logo Design Tips: What Makes A Good Logo?

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Although it’s mostly true that you succeed in business by offering quality products and good customer service, logo design is also an important element for business success. This article walks through the importance of logo design and the ingredients that make up a good logo.


A Logo – The First Identity for Your Businesses

A logo is the first and most important identity for businesses. The logo represents your organization’s goal, its future vision, and your customer’s orientation in a graphical format. It is an integral part of the corporate image which appears everywhere in your business stationery and marketing materials. For some forms of marketing, such as imprinted pens, the logo is often the only design element you’ll be able to utilize to get your message across. For these reasons it is crucial to give critical thought and high importance to the design process behind the creation of your next business logo.


What Makes a Good Logo?

As the design of the logo reflects on so many aspects of your business, the colors, textures, and illustrations should represent many different aspects of your business or brand. Customers relate through brand identity of organizations and the logo has a great impact on their psychology. So, whether creating a new logo for a startup or redesigning the logo of established businesses, it is very important to keep certain things in mind which constitutes a good logo.


A good logo is a perfect blend of simplicity, creativity, illustration and colors. It’s up to the experience of a logo design expert to blend together through their creativity a logo that reflects the business goals and ethics. To check whether a logo is up to the expected standards or not, confirm that:

  • The logo design is as simple as possible and clearly conveys the corporate message
  • The logo is compatible with the business and industry segment
  • The logo is representative of all corporate values
  • The logo incorporates the right colors to match with your business and brand
  • A well designed logo should never make use of more than three separate colors, in fact the vast majority of corporate logos consist of only one or two colors


Additionally, here are some technical requirements to consider during the logo creation process:

  • If the logo will be used in conjunction with an existing website or pre-existing design materials, be sure the logo colors complement those existing works. A logo that doesn’t easily blend with existing design materials may force you to perform expensive modifications.
  • Can you logo be used on top of multiple different background colors? A good logo is one that utilizes a transparent background and can be easily displayed on a variety of different colors from white, to black, and everything in between with little modification.
  • Has your logo been designed as a vector graphic? A vector graphic can scale to any size without any noticeable loss of quality.


Whether you own a business or are planning to start one, brand building is important and a good logo is the first thing you’ll need to establish your brand as a market leader. Be sure to select the best logo design company to create a professional logo for your business. To get the process started it could be as easy as scheduling a meeting to convey your business goals and objectives, they should be able to help you through the rest of the process.

seenBEST Web Design

Web Design that Captures Visitors and Creates New Customers

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Why is professional web design so important for the success of your business? It has a lot to do with packaging, which is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Imagine that you’re interviewing a dozen candidates for a new assistant position to work for you directly. Who are you more likely to hire: A candidate who shows up late in torn jeans, doesn’t seem interested in the job, and doesn’t speak to what you’re looking for? Or the well-polished candidate who is dressed nicely, friendly, knowledgeable about your company, and hits it off with you right from the start?


Website the Sales Rep

Packaging is the process of glamorizing your products or services in order to attract the customer’s attention. When there are hundreds or thousands of other websites offering the same products or services as your business, would you rather be the poorly dressed applicant with a communication problem or the sharply dressed and crisply spoken candidate that appeals to your customer’s needs? Most people on first glance will choose the business that presents the most pride in their company by exuding a professional image through their website.


A website makes a statement about your company. It is often the first and only impression potential clients have of your company. Attractive web design lends credibility to your business and leaves a positive impression on visitors. Researchers have found that people form an opinion of a website and the company it represents in less than one second. If that opinion is not positive, they will immediately click off your site to go to another site. With so many options available to the digital consumer, how do you create and design a successful website that sets you apart from the competition?


Designing a website that stands above the competition requires a combination of several unique talents that are often difficult or impossible to obtain in one place. There are a lot of ‘web designers’, ‘web design companies’, and ‘do it yourself website’ packages out there. Unfortunately, very few of these available options master the complex art of successful web design that will result in increased sales and business leads. Doing this correctly in a way that doesn’t waste your time or your money requires:


  • A good understanding of web psychology
  • Extensive experience with marketing technique
  • Current knowledge of web usability issues
  • The unique ability to position one company apart from and above all others
  • A grasp of modern design standards and skills with the manipulation of digital imagery to tell a story


A professionally designed website will capture visitors in those crucial first seconds, stand out from the competition, build customer base and increase sales. Consider these elements when looking for help to design your next corporate website:


  • Adoption of user experience conventions. Users expect to find certain things on every website, such as a clear to understand company logo and message, ease of navigation, and the ability to quickly find the information they are looking for.
  • Principles of layout design and proximity. Design must consider the psychological effect of such elements and principles as graphics, white space, cleanliness, placement above and below “the fold,” and grouping like items.
  • Valuable, quality content. Users want information about your company’s products and services. Quality content will improve your search engine rankings.
  • Load time. Speed is key. Users will wait no more than 8-10 seconds for a page to load. And search engines will rank your site higher when pages load faster.
  • Browser compatibility. Your website must follow standard protocols to open properly in any browser.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). Sites listed in the top half of the first page of search results capture 99% of all new business generated online. Keyword selection, localization, and constant updating of content are some of the elements necessary to get a high website ranking.


Today, over 86% of small businesses have a website. With so much competition, making your website stand out is challenging. A professionally-designed website will reach more people and give your company the image you want to portray. seenBest Web Design employ a team of online marketing experts with over a decade of experience designing successful websites that get results. Contact us today for more information (602) 456-0150.



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seenBEST Web Design

Web Design Job Available

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

I am looking to build a solid, long-term relationship with a local designer. We have many projects available on a part-time contract basis with a potential to grow your role into a full-time position.

A minimum of 5 years hands-on design experience
Proven experience and portfolio of website design, CSS, FLASH, HTML, etc. (Portfolio will be requested)
Communication skills to effectively understand project scope and client needs is critical
Ability to design a company brand from logo to website to printed materials A+
Ability to work with multiple Photoshop layers critical
Originality in design preferred

Send your resume in Word or PDF. Please DO NOT bother to apply for this position without at least 5 years of verifiable design experience. Qualified applicants will be contacted for a follow-up interview. Send resume to jobs@seenbest-web-design.com.

Position only available to applicants from Arizona who can meet with me face to face on a regular basis. Do NOT respond if you are not in the Arizona area – your information WILL be discarded.


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