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What is the Benefit of a Custom Website Design?

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013


Hi, I’m the Social Network Princess with seenBEST and today we’re going to answer the question:

What is the Benefit of a Custom Website Design?


A custom website, unlike a do-it-yourself-website, is a website that has been created by a professional team.


As a business owner, you want to have the best website to represent your brand. That’s what you’ll get when you hire experts who have dedicated their lives to helping businesses successfully advertise online.


By hiring an expert team, you’ll be able to focus on managing your business instead of stumbling through the complicated process of website design and internet marketing.


Bring in more customers! Having a professional website gives you the competitive edge, and will convince potential buyers to choose you over the competition.


Getting a custom website for your business is as simple as meeting with seenBEST to discuss your ideas. We handle everything from start to finish, all you have to worry about is taking care of your customers.


seenBEST provides comprehensive website design, web development, and internet marketing solutions. If you have any questions about how we can help you get your business found online, call us at (480) 256-9010 to schedule a free consultation.


Would you like to connect with me in Social Media? Visit The Social Network Princess website, +1 seenBEST on Google+ at plus.google.com/117422698423525327567/posts and Like us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/seenBEST.Web.Design. Thank you so much for watching, see you next time!


seenBEST Web Design

What is 64,000?

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013


Hi, I’m the Social Network Princess with seenBEST and today we’re going to answer the question:


Sixty-four thousand is the number of monthly searches for Auto Mechanics in the Phoenix area. That’s a lot of people who are searching for someone to fix their car. If you own an auto repair shop, and you’re not marketing to those sixty four thousand searches per month, you’re losing potential customers to your competition.


This high volume of searches for local businesses happens in every industry. For example, each month in the Phoenix area:

  • 34,000 people are searching for Realtors
  • 52,000 people are searching for Dentists
  • 47,000 people are searching for Lawyers
  • and 5,400 people are searching for a Landscaper


Whatever your industry, thousands of people are searching for you every month. We can help you capture that business.


We build you the best website, enhance it with calls to action, optimize for search, and employ expert search engine marketing techniques that place you on top of the competition. Get found when customers search for your products or services, get seenBEST.


seenBEST provides comprehensive website design, web development, and internet marketing solutions. If you have any questions about how we can help you get your business found online, call us at (480) 256-9010 to schedule a free consultation.


Would you like to connect with me in Social Media? Visit The Social Network Princess website, +1 seenBEST on Google+ at plus.google.com/117422698423525327567/posts and Like us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/seenBEST.Web.Design. Thank you so much for watching, see you next time!


seenBEST Web Design

Business Marketing Tip: Focus on the Positive

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Focus on the PositiveHave you struggled to achieve satisfactory results from past business marketing efforts? You’re not alone. Most entrepreneurs waste lots of valuable time struggling to find effective advertising solutions. Trying to grow a business and spending a small fortune in the process, only to get back very little in return, is a painful and unpleasant experience. The failure to bring on new clients via effective advertising will keep you from becoming successful. This inability to generate leads is common in new businesses, and forces most one-time business owners to abandon their dreams, back to the safety of a 9 to 5.


Don’t let past marketing efforts that failed to produce new clients lead to a fear of failure, or convince you to abandon advertising completely. It takes money to make money, all successful business owners and managers embrace this fact. New clients are a necessity for any business to grow and remain strong, without them your business will fail. So, the question is not whether you should market your business, the question is how can you best market your business? Yes it takes money to make money, but that money needs to work smart to make an impact. You need to find out how to allocate the money you do have into advertising methods that guarantee higher margins of profitability, and invest your advertising budget in new lead generation techniques that result in a measurable increase in new clients.


How could a profitable advertising campaign help your business grow? Visualize the success you want, and then focus your resources on the positive to make it happen. A positive outlook could provide the spark you need to evaluate and learn from negative advertising experiences, and create a successful marketing plan from past failures. Here’s how:

  • Go back and make note of every advertising method you have ever tried in the past
  • Now examine and make note of all of the current ways you are spending money to advertise your business
  • List each marketing type above in a spreadsheet
  • For each method in the list, write down the total amount of money spent on that advertising method to date
  • You should also calculate in the cost of time allocated by staff members to the total amount spent for each
  • Now add up how much projected revenue you’ve gained from each of those methods to date
  • Including recurring revenue from clients who found you via that one method but used your services multiple times


Your list may resemble the following, an example marketing analysis data provided by a Phoenix area IT firm:


Marketing Methods Analysis


How can you take a list like this one, built with data from your own business, and focus on the positive to turn around negative advertising adventures? To start, look at your list as a framework to learn from and build upon. The first step is to identify which advertising methods work and discard all others. It’s important to avoid wasting marketing budget if you want your business to grow. See the following graphic, we went through our sample list and crossed out all forms of marketing that resulted in wasted budget:



The above methods, crossed out in red, cost a total of $142,112 but only resulted in a total of $12,224 in revenues. That’s a total loss of $129,888. The first step towards success in marketing is eliminating those methods that fail to generate more revenue than they expend. If you are losing money, consider another medium. Your most important resource as a business owner is time, so don’t wait forever to take action. Reallocate your budget immediately by eliminating every advertising method you’re spending money on that isn’t working (those items in red above). Once you free up this money, you can either move those funds to advertising methods on your list that are proven to be profitable, or try new marketing avenues that you haven’t yet explored.


Focus on the Positive to Improve Your Advertising

To improve on advertising methods that are not as profitable as they could be, the solution is to focus on the positive. The return for methods on your list that are close to break-even can usually be improved by making a few adjustments. In our example above, the question was how can we improve our video ads to make them more profitable? For your list, evaluate your products and services from the your customer’s point of view. What service or product are you currently providing that existing clients really like? Think about all the positive qualities of your product, service, and offer, and hone in on what your customers are looking for. Next, change up the message in your lower performing advertising methods to better deliver on the needs and wants of your ideal client. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating articles for content marketing or producing videos for social media sites. Pour your enthusiasm and pack value into what you’re doing, the main idea here is to focus on the positive. In our case, for a recent video content marketing campaign, we re-thought the entire campaign to come up with ways we could produce higher quality videos that were more engaging, entertaining, and useful for our target clients.


Whatever you do, keep a positive mindset and don’t be afraid to invest in your business. Remember, it takes money to make money. While you should definitely try new things, you should also keep a watchful eye on your investments and tend to them on a regular basis to maximize results. Doing so will allow you to eliminate obstacles and negative investments, focus in on those things that are working well, and create powerful new marketing messages to attract new customers.



seenBEST Web Design

The Importance of a Positioning Statement – Does Your Business Stand Out Online?

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

This article is part of a series of twenty articles. Click to read: The Top 20 Web Marketing Concepts Your Next Website Design Company Should Know


A successful internet marketing strategy is a complex system comprised of design elements, marketing copy, targets, objectives, and many other vital components all blending seamlessly with one another. One of those components with a key role to play in every online marketing plan is the positioning statement.  A well-written positioning statement can have a positive impact on the lead generation capability of your business and help to determine how well your products, services or brand will be received by potential customers.


The definition for positioning statement: “A positioning statement is a sentence or series of sentences that define what the marketed entity is, what makes it unique, and why it is relevant to the audience.”


The positioning statement is typically constructed after an initial consultation. Here, an expert internet marketing firm first learns several important pieces of information from the business owner, such as:

  • Who the primary competitors are
  • How those competitors position their business
  • An understanding of the distinguishing values provided by the client’s products and services
  • Who the client’s ideal customers are


In simple terms, the positioning statement is a phrase that is used internally to help your organization understand the benefits your products or services provide to your target customers. It also states how you are different from your competitors. Once the positioning statement has been created, it is possible to use the psychology behind it to shape multiple other components of the internet marketing campaign. Everything from the website page copy, SEM ad copy, supporting web images, calls to action, and slogans are all ultimately based on the positioning statement.


Slogans and Taglines

Sometimes people confuse a tagline or slogan for a positioning statement. A tagline or slogan is a short and easily memorable message used in ads, and is often formed after the positioning statement. The best slogans are based on positioning statements. Here are a few of the most memorable slogans of all time, upon hearing any one of these taglines you immediately recognize the company it belongs to:

  • Have it Your Way
  • Don’t Leave Home Without It
  • Breakfast of Champions
  • Just Do It


Slogans such as these are perfect examples of taglines built on great positioning statements. In the case of Wheaties, for example, their slogan is “Breakfast of Champions.” And is used on television advertisements, their website, their packaging, and everywhere the product is mentioned. To construct this slogan, their internal positioning statement could very well have looked something like this: “To anyone aspiring to be a champion in life, Wheaties is the best choice for breakfast. Wheaties provides all of the nutrition your body needs during breakfast and allows your body to perform at the highest possible levels. It’s so much better than the competition that Olympic athletes choose Wheaties cereal as part of their regular diet.”


Keep in mind the above is not the official Wheaties positioning statement, but could be! It describes what it is (breakfast cereal), why you’d want to use it (great nutrition), and what separates it from the competition (It’s so good that top athletes use it). A well-written positioning statement that is put to use as part of a comprehensive internet marketing plan will have a tremendous impact on your business and can carry through into other advertisements as well, including brochures, flyers, letterheads, business cards, etc.


Creating the Best Positioning Statement

Creating the best possible positioning statement for your business, brand or product can be tough.  The best positioning statements are written only after a good understanding of the industry where it will be applied and the psychology of the target customers. Always keep in mind that the ultimate goal of your positioning statement is to influence customers and establish yourself as a distinct entity in their mind.


If your business is looking for help standing alone in a crowd of competitors online, seek out the help of an experienced internet marketing firm. The best online marketing companies will provide you with an expert that will sit down with you, learn about your business, and help you to:


  • Identify your target clients
  • Define your values that most appeals to them
  • Identify your top competitors
  • Define the values that separate you from them
  • Write a good positioning statement
  • Develop a slogan from it
  • Tie the psychology from your new positioning statement throughout all SEM ad copy, social media campaigns, landing pages, and design


seenBEST in Phoenix, Arizona is one such company. We can help you position your company achieve success and earn new clients by positioning you to stand out in your industry. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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seenBEST Web Design

Increase Your Conversion Rate – Use Fewer Website Form Fields

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

The goal of an online marketing campaign is to generate as many leads as possible, but the process to create the ultimate lead generating system can often be difficult and time consuming. Modifying graphics, changing ad copy, improving landing page copy, creating special offers, updating keywords, and revising targets are some of the obvious ways an internet marketing campaign can be fine-tuned. Don’t waste your Google Adwords budget! If results continue to disappoint after all of the above changes have been implemented, it could be that your website form fields are to blame. A few simple changes to your forms can help increase ROI.


The Importance of Website Forms

Website forms are invaluable for the collection of essential contact information from your visitors. While some website visitors may call or email, many more potential customers prefer to simply complete a form and submit it. Web forms are exceptionally effective because they simplify the communication process, providing the easiest possible way to solve a problem or gather information. Once a web form has been completed, the burden to solve a problem shifts from the consumer to the business at the receiving end of the contact form. Website forms help to significantly decrease cost per acquisition, which is the amount you spend to acquire each new lead.


Website Forms and Conversion Rate

Some of the most successful companies in the world have extremely simple sign-up processes. To get started on Facebook, for example, it is only necessary to provide a name, email address, password, gender, and birthdate on the initial form. Over 1 billion users later, Facebook teaches us that the more simplistic you can make a lead collection form; the easier it will be to attract new leads.


How can you optimize the form fields on your landing page to improve results? Here are a few ways to optimize contact forms, applications, sign-up forms, or any other form where you’d like to convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads:

  • Make all fields optional if not 100 percent necessary as required.
  • Remove all fields collecting information that you do not absolutely need in order to move to the next part of the sales process.
  • Remove all fields that your potential customer will view as unnecessary, or cause them to question the security of their submission or integrity of your website. Date of birth, social security numbers, and personal questions are all good examples of this.


Multiple form fields annoy users, the more fields you have on your lead collection form the lower your conversion rate will be. Most people are looking for fast answers and small, optimized forms provide them an ideal solution and a good browsing experience. Narrow your form down to the smallest number of form fields possible, keeping in mind the fact that you should always follow-up a web form submission with an in-person meeting or telephone consultation after initial contact. You can collect other details needed at that time.


An expert internet marketing company can perform an analysis to help measure the impact your contact forms are having on your conversions. In addition to looking over your PPC ads, cost per click, and traffic sources, they can also help analyze the bounce trends of your visitors and help optimize your forms to a lower cost per acquisition. This process works for lead generating sites as well as e-commerce websites, where lengthy checkout forms also serve as the main reason people click out of the process – resulting in lost sales. Sometimes the most simple of changes, even the removal of a single form field on an ecommerce payment page, can result in a noticeable increase in sales. A website contact form is similar to any other call to action; the easier it is to understand the better it will perform.


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Why Your Business Website Needs To Be Mobile Friendly

Friday, July 27th, 2012

This article is part of a series of twenty articles. Click to read: The Top 20 Web Marketing Concepts Your Next Website Design Company Should Know


If your website is out of date it will most likely have problems displaying correctly on mobile devices. Since a non-mobile friendly website can cripple your reach to potential customers, developing a mobile friendly website for your business is a necessity. Here are some of the main reasons why your business website should be mobile friendly:


Increasing Number of Smartphone Users

Today, most people are accessing the internet with their phones. Approximately 8% of digital traffic comes from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). If your business website is not mobile friendly, you will miss the opportunity to reach this audience. This is especially true for people on the go who may be searching for information about your business from their car.


Growth of Mobile Commerce

In last couple of years, mobile commerce has witnessed unexpected growth. In 2010, the total sales generated from mobile commerce were $3 billion which rose to $6 billion in 2011.  A 100% increase in just one year. At the end 2012, it is expected to exceed $10 billion. If your website is not mobile friendly this business could be going to your competitors.


Trend of Mobile Research Prior to Purchase

Customers today are smarter than ever and most consumers are likely to research a product online before completing a purchase. They even research and analyze products using their smartphone while in store before making the final decision. Having a mobile friendly website enhances the chance of getting your products purchased by smartphone users doing research on your competitors.


Smartphone Users Have Higher Income Average

It is a well known fact that smartphone users have higher income average than traditional cell phone users. Research indicates that 60% of smartphone users in the US earn $100,000 per year or more.  If your website is not mobile friendly, your business will be invisible to a large segment of people with high purchasing power.


‘Mobile Friendly’ Doesn’t Have to Mean ‘Dumbed Down’

There are some low-cost and even free services out there that claim to provide mobile websites for businesses. The problem with these types of services is the website you get is completely stand-alone from your main business site, containing a watered down version of a website with very minimal information. These websites are not very helpful for any company serious about internet marketing and lead generation.


The good news is, when done correctly, your entire website complete with all information and corporate branding can be made readily available to any smartphone or tablet visitor. The term for this is ‘responsive web design‘. With a responsive website, users across a broad range of devices and browsers will have access to a single source of content. If you are a new business owner planning to develop a new website, you should definitely make sure to use a responsive website platform. A business website platform developed with mobile devices in mind avoids the hassle of needing a second website just for mobile visitors. Your website will look the same, both on a traditional computer and on a mobile device.


If you already have a website and it was not developed with mobile users in mind, chances are good that some aspects of it do not function as they should on mobile devices. For example, mobile visitors cannot click on most drop-down menus and if your website uses flash, visitors on iPads or iPhones will be unable to access portions of it. If you have a website that doesn’t work correctly on mobile devices, don’t panic! You can solve these types of problems by either redesigning your existing website to become mobile friendly or by developing a new and improved version of your website. The latter is a good choice because a new website will help your business remain competitive, in addition to helping you to reach mobile visitors.


The bottom line: A responsive website is important for future marketing success. seenBEST provides expert website design and development services, and all of our new websites are responsive – allowing your business to impress visitors regardless of the device they are using. Contact seenBEST Web Design today for help with a new responsive and mobile-friendly website, or to modernize an existing website.


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The Art of Lead Generation Online

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

This article is part of a series of twenty articles. Click to read: The Top 20 Web Marketing Concepts Your Next Website Design Company Should Know


Owning a business is tough and today’s competition is more intense than ever. Business owners looking for new ways to increase sales should definitely be looking towards new technologies and the internet for competitive solutions. One of those new technologies, internet marketing, leads the way as the most cost-effective way an established business can generate leads.


The emergence of e-Commerce and utilization of the internet for consumer research on any given topic provides all businesses with an opportunity to reach a wider audience. On the other hand, as more and more companies set up shop online, competition intensifies. This heightened level of competition raises the level of effort required to generate leads online. So how, in an increasingly competitive industry, can a business stand out to grab their slice of this growing digital audience?


Online Lead Generation

Online lead generation is an art requiring a diverse skillset. Some key talents that contribute to successful lead generation on the internet: SEO expertise, an understanding of core marketing methods, the knowledge of data tracking and analytics, graphic design abilities, and a firm ability to communicate the industry benefits of a company in a way that is easy for the average consumer to understand.


This unique combination of bundled talents is very difficult to come by, and the business demand for high-quality SEO, SEM, and design services is high. At the same time, options are plentiful, with no shortage of firms promising to deliver but, ultimately, failing to live up to the challenge. It is very important for any company seeking online advertising to carefully evaluate their available options. They should focus on finding the best internet marketing firm available. But one question remains, how to effectively evaluate one internet marketing firm versus another?


The best internet marketing firm will listen closely to their goal. They will demonstrate a strong interest in learning as much as possible about the products and services being advertised. Finally, and most importantly, they will be able to explain clearly how they plan to accomplish these key objectives that are critical for online lead generation:


Having A Good Design – Design makes the first impression – good or bad. It is the most decisive factor for potential buyers no matter how they visit, either via website, social media property, or email marketing piece. If not impressed by a good design, potential customers will simply hit the back button and be quickly on their way, off to greener pastures.


Adding Value with Quality Content – The marketing copy that appears on a website, social media profile, and other pages can help create the buzz necessary to convert a visitor to a lead. Quality content adds value to a brand and can convert even the most skeptical of visitors into an interested customer.


Strong Calls To Action – Marketing pieces missing relevant calls to action suffer reduced lead generation. How big of a reduction? It can be as high as 80%! The utilization of a strong call to action is what separates a good internet marketing company from a website design hobbyist. A call to action should not only be engaging, it should also be compelling.


Getting Relevant Traffic – Not all traffic is created equal. It is one thing to send ten thousand random visitors to a website. It’s another thing entirely if all of those visitors are interested in the products or services being offered on the website. Without relevant traffic there are no leads! For traffic to be relevant, it is important to first understand the needs of potential buyers and how they think.


Analyzing Results –In addition to all of the above, it is necessary to analyze the effectiveness of the marketing campaign on a regular basis. Patience is important; the complexity of a good internet marketing campaign dictates that immediate success is not impossible. Success is only accomplished through regular and systematic analysis, comparison, and improvement of all facets of the campaign.

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