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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Sunday, December 9th, 2012


Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is an internet marketing strategy that will make it easier to find information about your business online. SEO serves as the backbone of every successful internet marketing campaign you run and can help to increase website traffic and sales.


In order to create a powerful SEO campaign, an SEO team will determine the composition of your industry, the makeup of your customer, search statistics, and the advertising media that you plan to target such as Google Search or Facebook.


Next, the SEO team will analyze your domain name and server, advertising copy, website content, code, and structure. Good SEO will improve the appeal of your website on search engines, making it easier to match what you do with the customers who are searching for you.


An effective SEO team consists of a professional website designer, developer, internet marketing expert, and content writer. These professionals create articles, videos, and other interesting content to increase lead generation.


The quality of your SEO has a profound impact on the success of all of your paid search engine marketing campaigns. If your goal is to attract more customers from the internet, having better SEO than your industry competitors and maintaining your SEO campaign on a regular basis is crucial.


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Social Media and Website SEO – Linking Your Business to Success

Monday, September 17th, 2012

A majority of the buzz today about using social media for business marketing focuses exclusively on strategies limited to a few closed networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn. But there’s a whole world out there, and while social media and especially Facebook have become essential aspects of modern advertising, they are more effective when used as part of a broader overall internet marketing strategy. This article explains why in demand social media channels are an excellent tool for SEO and why Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. work best when used in conjunction with a well-designed website, content, and SEO strategy.


Link Building the Old Fashioned Way

Prior to 2012 a large aspect of search engine optimization involved link building. After on-page SEO was performed and website code and page text had been optimized to perfection, the next goal for internet marketing experts was to achieve as many back links as possible to a website. The result of these activities was increased search engine position, with search engines like Google giving higher rank to websites with large numbers of backlinks. Over time, many shady practices developed to acquire backlinks through paid link acquisition, duplicate article submission, link exchanges, and robotic blog spamming methods. Today, these practices have been made obsolete.


Search engines have become smarter with recent algorithm updates. They have been programmed to filter between relevant and irrelevant backlinks easily and are no longer fooled by spamming blind link building robots. Penguin, a Google update, has penalized millions of websites worldwide for having bad quality and irrelevant back links pointing to their website.


Social Media – Not Your Father’s Link Building

The introduction of social media into web advertising has drastically changed the landscape of link building and website promotion. Since the primary purpose of any SEO campaign is to drive traffic to a website, SEO experts have taken to social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. These social media channels have changed the entire concept of inbound link building.


The real potential of these social media tools is sharing. Rather than trying to spam the internet with links to a website, attaching a single link to helpful information in social media can later evolve into hundreds, thousands, or millions of links through social sharing. Experienced internet marketers focus on social networks to help build awareness of website content and use networks of people in social media to help spread the word. Whether the goal is driving traffic, lead generation, or creating instant buzz for a brand or products, social media is an exceptional medium to help quickly multiply the inbound links to associated content on a business website.


It’s All About the Content

Practically everyone wants friends and family to share and engage with their social media posts, but it’s tough and doesn’t happen very often for most. To really become successful at posting social media content that others want to share you need to find compelling content for your readers to share. That’s where a blended strategy involving the company website, SEO, content creation, and social media can be extremely valuable.


If you plan to promote your brand or business online, consider implementing a strategy to do it right from the start. With everything clicking all at once, your strategy should:

  • Include all social media properties applicable to your business with branding that matches the official website
  • Include a plan to acquire new social media followers on all platforms
  • Include a plan to create quality content relevant to your business on a regular basis
  • Include plans to distribute the content socially in a way that promotes sharing
  • Include a strategy to tie the content to your website for inbound link generation
  • Include a website SEO review process to increase visibility in search
  • Carry over SEO research from the website to use similar terminology on your social media pages


Combining social media with a good website and SEO plan will result in guaranteed maximum online visibility for your brand or business website. Better yet, when you hire the right team of internet marketing experts, you can save a lot of money over a piecemeal approach.


The branding that goes into your website can, in many cases, easily carry over to social media channels so it makes sense to a hire a company that has the expertise to help you with both website design and social media all at once. The SEO that goes into your website should also be applied to your social media channels, so the right company should be able to provide both SEO optimization and social media optimization (SMO). Sharable content should be created for both social media and website distribution. An internet marketing company that has a firm grasp of content creation and blogging can help you tie great content together with social media and SEO in a cost effective way.


seenBEST is one such company with expertise in all involved areas: SEO, website design, social media, blogging, content creation, and internet marketing strategy. Rather than focusing on just social media without SEO or vice versa,  we create powerful custom solutions that are comprehensive in scope and uniquely tailored to your goals and needs. Give us a call for a free one hour consultation to discuss the creation of a unique internet marketing strategy for your business.

seenBEST Web Design

The Importance of a Positioning Statement – Does Your Business Stand Out Online?

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

This article is part of a series of twenty articles. Click to read: The Top 20 Web Marketing Concepts Your Next Website Design Company Should Know


A successful internet marketing strategy is a complex system comprised of design elements, marketing copy, targets, objectives, and many other vital components all blending seamlessly with one another. One of those components with a key role to play in every online marketing plan is the positioning statement.  A well-written positioning statement can have a positive impact on the lead generation capability of your business and help to determine how well your products, services or brand will be received by potential customers.


The definition for positioning statement: “A positioning statement is a sentence or series of sentences that define what the marketed entity is, what makes it unique, and why it is relevant to the audience.”


The positioning statement is typically constructed after an initial consultation. Here, an expert internet marketing firm first learns several important pieces of information from the business owner, such as:

  • Who the primary competitors are
  • How those competitors position their business
  • An understanding of the distinguishing values provided by the client’s products and services
  • Who the client’s ideal customers are


In simple terms, the positioning statement is a phrase that is used internally to help your organization understand the benefits your products or services provide to your target customers. It also states how you are different from your competitors. Once the positioning statement has been created, it is possible to use the psychology behind it to shape multiple other components of the internet marketing campaign. Everything from the website page copy, SEM ad copy, supporting web images, calls to action, and slogans are all ultimately based on the positioning statement.


Slogans and Taglines

Sometimes people confuse a tagline or slogan for a positioning statement. A tagline or slogan is a short and easily memorable message used in ads, and is often formed after the positioning statement. The best slogans are based on positioning statements. Here are a few of the most memorable slogans of all time, upon hearing any one of these taglines you immediately recognize the company it belongs to:

  • Have it Your Way
  • Don’t Leave Home Without It
  • Breakfast of Champions
  • Just Do It


Slogans such as these are perfect examples of taglines built on great positioning statements. In the case of Wheaties, for example, their slogan is “Breakfast of Champions.” And is used on television advertisements, their website, their packaging, and everywhere the product is mentioned. To construct this slogan, their internal positioning statement could very well have looked something like this: “To anyone aspiring to be a champion in life, Wheaties is the best choice for breakfast. Wheaties provides all of the nutrition your body needs during breakfast and allows your body to perform at the highest possible levels. It’s so much better than the competition that Olympic athletes choose Wheaties cereal as part of their regular diet.”


Keep in mind the above is not the official Wheaties positioning statement, but could be! It describes what it is (breakfast cereal), why you’d want to use it (great nutrition), and what separates it from the competition (It’s so good that top athletes use it). A well-written positioning statement that is put to use as part of a comprehensive internet marketing plan will have a tremendous impact on your business and can carry through into other advertisements as well, including brochures, flyers, letterheads, business cards, etc.


Creating the Best Positioning Statement

Creating the best possible positioning statement for your business, brand or product can be tough.  The best positioning statements are written only after a good understanding of the industry where it will be applied and the psychology of the target customers. Always keep in mind that the ultimate goal of your positioning statement is to influence customers and establish yourself as a distinct entity in their mind.


If your business is looking for help standing alone in a crowd of competitors online, seek out the help of an experienced internet marketing firm. The best online marketing companies will provide you with an expert that will sit down with you, learn about your business, and help you to:


  • Identify your target clients
  • Define your values that most appeals to them
  • Identify your top competitors
  • Define the values that separate you from them
  • Write a good positioning statement
  • Develop a slogan from it
  • Tie the psychology from your new positioning statement throughout all SEM ad copy, social media campaigns, landing pages, and design


seenBEST in Phoenix, Arizona is one such company. We can help you position your company achieve success and earn new clients by positioning you to stand out in your industry. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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The Top 20 Web Marketing Concepts Your Next Website Design Company Should Know

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Marketing strategy is hands down the most important area of focus for any business. Owning a business and working on one’s own terms is a common dream shared by many, but creating a constant funnel of potential customers and converting them to real customer is not an easy task. Failure to bring on new business is the single most common reason why most companies fail. If you want to be a business owner and enjoy all the freedoms of working for yourself, you must bring on sales and you must first master marketing strategy.


All that glitters is not gold! The intelligent use of your marketing budget is what separates success from failure, and online marketing one of the most effective ways to get noticed by a large pool of potential customers. The key component of every single marketing campaign, whether on or offline, is the company website because that’s where most customers go to evaluate a company and make the final decision to buy. Having the right website design and web marketing strategy in place is critical, so it’s important to hire the right website company to help.


An expert in web design and online marketing will know the importance of the topics listed in this article. If you are looking for a company that can help you build a great website and effective internet marketing strategy, find out how knowledgeable they are with the following concepts:


Twenty Important Website Marketing Concepts


Go down the list one by one, asking your next potential website design company to explain how they can help build your website with each term in mind. Listen carefully to their response. While some companies are good at knowing a lot about very little and will try to bluff their way through the conversation, the right company will have more than just a quick one-line response. They will be able to describe to you at length the pros and cons of each term and how that aspect of web marketing applies to your specific website marketing strategy and goals.


Why is all of this important? Remember, the marketing success of your business depends in large part on the web marketing qualities of your website. An expert web company can design a brilliant website without compromising search engine friendliness.


Creating a buzz around your brand, getting your website found by potential new customers, and encouraging people to buy is a tough task. It requires a detailed knowledge of web design best practices, market research, internet marketing, website optimization techniques, and social media promotion. Hiring the wrong company to handle your next website project could result in failure and wasted budget. Hiring the right web design and internet marketing company will result in a website that consumes less of your time and money overall, provides fantastic lead generation for your business, and avoids the need to do the entire website project over again because the first company missed the mark.


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Stand Out from the Crowd with a Custom Website and Internet Marketing Strategy

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

It’s tough for any business to stand out from the crowd when almost every company in any given industry has some type of online presence. While several options exist with regards to marketing your business online, not all are created equal. While it is not impossible to gain a competitive advantage, to truly beat the rat race you need to work smarter, not harder. Working smarter means avoiding generic, non-descript internet marketing solutions, having a custom website, and working with an internet marketing expert to devise a working strategy.


Avoid Generic Marketing Services

You know the ones, they are the generic internet marketing services that SPAM you endlessly and promise you the world. Some examples: Yellow Pages, Yelp, DexOnline, MerchantCircle. These prime examples, combined with other cheap local business directories, are usually ineffective and offer little  to no help in the promotion of your business.


The trick to gaining leads from the internet is to stand out and distance your business from the competition. You must demonstrate to potential customers online that you provide whatever it is they are looking for, and that you do it in a way that is better than the competition. With a generic marketing service, what differentiates you from the other 10, 20, or 100 businesses in your category that provide similar services? For example, let’s take a look at these two Yelp listings for Dog Groomer in Phoenix.


First listing for Dog Groomer in Phoenix


Second listing for Dog Groomer in Phoenix


Both listings are 95% identical. Both listings appear listed alongside dozens of other local dog groomers who also have listings that look virtually identical. For hundreds, or sometimes thousands of dollars per month, your business becomes essentially just one more blip in an ever growing list of your competitors. There is no guarantee that you will ever stand out in any way from the crowd using this type of service.


A Custom Website – The First Step in a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign

How do you avoid the dilemma of getting stuck in the crowd through generic marketing services? The solution is to develop your own identity, enhance your online visibility and reach potential customers directly.


A custom website helps you create a unique online identity for your business. You will never have to share your presence with others on your own website with your own branding. Most importantly, your website will never exactly resemble that of your competition. Unlike a template website, where every business looks the same, a custom website allows you to represent your business in a unique way that reflects your specialty, service quality, and customer centric approach.


Beyond making you look good, a custom website provides several other unique advantages. When developed by an experienced internet marketing company, your custom website will include all of the necessary components to attract and interact with potential customers, such as:

  • Custom calls to action to encourage inquiries and leads from your customers
  • Contact forms that collect contact details from visitors
  • Customized feedback and client testimonial listings, with data that you control
  • Social media components for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter,and YouTube
  • Interactive features such as feedback, comment, and chat boxes allowing you to engage with visitors
  • Fully functional shopping carts
  • Multiple embedded videos
  • Marketing and informational blogs
  • Plus dozens of additional marketing features –all completely under your control


A Custom Internet Marketing Strategy – With Your Custom Website at the Center

A custom website provides your business an impressive identity. A custom internet marketing strategy is the next step and can completely transform your bottom line. An intelligent internet marketing campaign not only helps you drive more traffic to your website, it places you far ahead of your competitors, helping you generate more leads and increase sales.


A well planned internet marketing strategy, specially developed according to your unique business needs, will help you reach your target audience faster and the cost incurred will be much less than the cost of traditional marketing mediums. With a custom strategy all of the most advanced online marketing tools are available to you, including the full power of social media. An internet marketing expert can help you blend together all available avenues and centralize them on your website, helping your business gain the largest possible advantage over the competition.


Cost Comparison – Custom Website and Marketing Strategy vs. Generic Marketing Services

Traditional advertising methods, like listings in a business advertising directory run by a national firm, can seem cost effective at first. The disadvantage to the low monthly fee, however, is a lack of desired results. $800 per month to generate zero new leads is an overhead of $9,600 per year – a wasted expense that few small businesses can afford.


The cost to develop a custom website with an affordable internet marketing firm is less than half of that $9,600 yearly fee. What’s more, this is a one-time investment! Once a custom website has been developed you do not need to spend a large amount of money each month. A good custom website for your business can cost as little as $3,000 and can last you up to five years. Compared to five years of generic marketing services at $800 per month, that’s an average savings of $45,000!


That amount of money can then be invested into internet marketing solutions that actually work. Solutions that are tied to your custom website, allow you to stand out from the crowd, and help you gain maximum exposure. We’re talking about search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media, and email marketing. These methods can be tracked and analyzed and, more importantly, can be turned on and off depending on the needs of your business. When comparing the returns offered by a well thought out internet marketing strategy, the investment is less than a generic marketing service and the returns are far greater.


How to Develop a Custom Website and Internet Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that the ROI from an old fashioned business listing compared to an expert online marketing strategy doesn’t stack up. That leaves just one question: “How do I develop my strategy?” The solution is to find a one stop service provider that understands how all of the various pieces work together. You should never have to chase different people in different organizations around for updates related to your website and SEO activities. A comprehensive service provider that understands the intricacies of web design, web development, and internet marketing will help eliminate the stress of:

  • Managing contact information for multiple organizations
  • Trying to get different companies to work together
  • Dealing with the issues that arise when one person (web designer) doesn’t know what the other is doing (social media manager, SEO guru, etc.)
  • Managing the waste that occurs when multiple people are working towards a singular goal all unaware of what others have already accomplished


Do you own a business and still rely on traditional print listings, cookie-cutter online business listings, or nothing more than a low-cost template website to advertise online? In this digital age, it may be time for you to venture into a whole new world of opportunity created by a custom website and online marketing plan specially developed for you. The results will amaze you.

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