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Effective Business Advertising: Four Obsolete Marketing Methods in the Digital Age

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Welcome to 2013! The internet and mobile revolution has brought on many changes to business marketing strategies. Advertising that once worked splendidly has lost impact due to the changes in the way consumers communicate and seek out information. Many people, for example, forgo a home phone and every member of the household has a cell phone. With the advance of computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones in virtually every aspect of our lives, people are reading more of their information from online sources than any other. This changed reality has resulted in an array of new and inexpensive advertising opportunities that allow you to reach your target audience any time day or night, no matter where they are or what they are doing, and in more personal and meaningful ways.


Online Advertising

Technology is everywhere: At home and work, when playing and shopping, sitting down and on the go.


Companies that are slow to embrace new technologies and continue to focus their advertising budgets on methods that worked decades ago are being quickly outpaced by more modern competitors. As a result, they are losing potential customers every day. A business with outdated advertising practices that wishes to remain competitive must modernize and optimize their advertising strategies to eliminate ineffective marketing methods. In most industries, increasing the effectiveness of marketing investments means embracing the digital era and moving their advertising efforts to the internet.


How can a business, currently entrenched in marketing methods that worked a decade ago, take advantage of the upgraded advertising opportunities available to them and get ahead digital era? This article is designed to detail four obsolete business marketing methods, why not to use them for your modern business, and how to replace them with more effective advertising technologies. Stop wasting your money on advertising that simply does not work. Abandoning these four obsolete methods of traditional business promotion can lead to an increased return on investment when they are switched to more cost-effective methods online.




Cold CallingTelemarketing, or cold calling, was a popular form of marketing for many years. The concept works similar to door-to-door sales, only over the phone. Simply obtain a list of potential clients, call them at their home or business, and read a professionally written script. Ideally, the phone calls are made quickly with minimal talk time, with an attempt to talk to as many people as possible while minimizing rejections.


Why not?

This may sound like a great marketing strategy, however, there is a major downside. People generally have become annoyed with these types of calls. When the concept was fresh, people happily answered their phones and many of them would listen to what you had to say. In today’s world, people are used to communicating quickly and have access to a wealth of information digitally, eliminating the need to learn about products or services over a forced and disruptive telephone call.


In addition, call screening and gatekeepers have become common. Digital telephone systems exist that screen out calls from unwanted parties. With the increased use of smartphones, many people have downloaded apps specifically designed to identify and block telemarketing calls. Because of all these factors, it is unlikely that your target audience will be reachable by phone, making telemarketing obsolete.


What’s better?

Use social media to your advantage for a much improved, non-intrusive way of reaching potential customers. A professional marketing campaign on sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook can help your business target and reach out directly to people who have already expressed interest in or a need for your services. With the use of marketing content such as website landing pages, infographics, and videos, you are able to provide useful information and advertise your business to potential clients. In general, people are more receptive to companies they find via their favorite social websites, especially when they recognize one of their friends as having ‘liked’ or endorsed your business in the past. This form of promotion is inexpensive for the value and, when done correctly, can produce a much higher return on investment than telemarketing.



Direct Mail

Junk MailDirect mail is one of the oldest forms of promoting products or services. Businesses gather a mailing list of potential clients, usually tens of thousands, and put together a clever letter or post card. This method is most commonly used for coupons, store newsletters, or as a way to inform people about new products. The material is then mailed to the target client’s home or business address. Often times a single ad from one company is combined with dozens of ads from multiple companies, resulting in a single mailer of ads sent via bulk mail to the advertiser’s targeted list.


Why not?

Direct mail has another term associated with it: “junk mail.” These mailings often go directly into the trash can and are often not read. This creates an inconvenience to the client and is a waste to businesses. It can become expensive to print and distribute high color advertisements via mail, so it is important to see a high return when using them. Unfortunately, “Junk mail” does not usually result in a high sales return.


In addition, the United States Postal Service has begun to limit its services, offering limited services on Saturday and no service on Sunday. In recent years, the mail industry has seen a seen a heavy decline is overall sales. Businesses are now limited to advertising via this method Monday through Friday, the busiest days of the week for most people and the days where they are least likely to have time to sift through disruptive advertisements. Plus, if addresses are written incorrectly or the client has moved, it is even less likely they will see the advisement. High cost, poor targeting availability, and low return on investment has made advertising by direct mail obsolete.


What’s better?

The better solution to reach tens of thousands of people in a cost-effective way is by building an internet marketing strategy using video and social media advertising campaigns on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. Advertising via social media allows your businesses to reach targets based on highly specialized criteria, narrowing down your targeting to people who are specifically interested in your message. This form of business promotion is far less limiting than a piece of paper, giving you the opportunity to present your potential client with videos, long pieces of information, images, or interactive content. This can be used to create an overall deeper relationship with the client, giving them a greater sense of loyalty to your brand. “Going Green” with your advertising will not only result in less wasted paper and an overall better outlook for the environment, it will also result in lower marketing cost with a much higher return. And, unlike sending “junk mail” with the USPS, there’s nothing to print, no postage to buy, and you can reach people any time day or night, seven days a week.



Yellow Pages

Phone Book AdsThe yellow pages within a phone book are a listing of all the businesses in a particular area organized by category and name. Businesses can buy ad space for their respected categories, up to a full page, in hopes they will catch the eye of the person seeking the type of service or product the company offers. Phone books with yellow pages are often dropped off at a telephone customer’s home or business address, usually in a bag on the ground near the door.


Why not?

People readily access most information online or on the go with a cell phone, making an advertisement in the phone book yellow pages rather ineffective. The printed copies of business directories often make their way into the trash bin immediately upon delivery. While many yellow page directory services have created online versions to go along with the printed book, these are equally as ineffective. No one uses business directories to locate information on products or services, preferring instead to directly search for information on a search engine such as Google or Bing, or via social search in Facebook. Due to the high cost of advertising in yellow page and directory services, and the dwindling number of people looking to them for answers, the Yellow Pages are obsolete when it comes to advertising your business.


What’s better?

People go directly to search engines to search for service providers in their area, and use search engine relating mapping services provided by Google or Bing to locate products or services nearby. Creating search engine listings and having a modern website listed in online search is vastly superior to yellow page advertising. With search marketing, instead of a small, single advertisement on a piece of paper, you are able to drive interested customers to a website full of robust pages of information, contact forms, interactive media, videos, and integrated social media components unique to your business. As a bonus, search engines are available on the go, so potential clients can find you while on the road and away from home. In addition, these searches are conducted using keywords typed in to a search box, allowing you to laser focus your advertising to only those people who are most likely to need your products or services. Search engine marketing provides your business with a quick, accurate, round-the-clock advertising method, helping you drive interested clients straight to your location or website.



Newspaper and Magazine Ads

Magazine AdsNewspapers and magazines are a common place for advertisements, especially for local products or services. Each newspaper or magazine is printed and distributed to thousands of client’s doorsteps on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The ads can be placed in a number of different sizes ranging from as little as one forty-eighth of a page to a two page ad, depending on the paper.


Why not?

Print newspapers and magazines are becoming less and less common. It’s a dying industry with rapidly shrinking readership. This is due to the ease of finding information, including news, online. Many traditional newspapers are no longer existent or have moved their operations online in the form of dedicated blogs or E-newspapers. Most magazines have replaced printing in favor of digital copies that incorporate video as well as images.


Traditional newspaper ads can also get quite costly depending on the size of the ad and the following the newspaper has. While small ads are often available at a reduced cost, they may be overlooked by readers depending on the placement. The traditional paper size is 15 by 22 and a half inches, and one forty-eighth of that amounts to a tiny ad space, a little over an inch. The fact that readership of printed magazines and newspapers has declined, and your tiny ad often blends in with the page and is seldom seen, makes advertising in paper newspapers and magazines obsolete.


What’s better?

Online display advertising allows you to publish high quality color advertising images and online videos to targeted websites at a fraction of the cost of a printed ad in a newspaper or magazine. Many of these websites are visited on a regular basis by your ideal customers, so a steady flow of potential clients will see your ad. In addition, online display ads can link those viewers directly to your website, putting them just a click away from a wealth of information about your products or services. Display advertising allows you to target readers with a particular focus, making it possible to specialize further and show your ad only to people who are likely interested in what you offer.


From a creative standpoint, this type of promotion is far less limiting. It is possible to have full color, beautiful ads for your business, where as a traditional newspaper will usually limit the ads to black and white or low-quality color ink. This means that not only are you targeting potential clients effectively, but you are creating more interactive ads that allow you to engage your target audience in meaningful ways. Display advertising ultimately provides a higher return on investment than printed newspapers and magazines, allowing you to provide more relative, higher performing ads for less.



In addition to all of the benefits outlined above, there are several additional reasons why digital advertising methods via search engines, websites, and social media far outpace telemarketing, direct mail, yellow pages, or newspapers and magazines:


  • Advertisement Performance Tracking and Analytics: Internet advertising provides the ability to measure advertising effectiveness. You can quickly compare cost vs. performance via mechanisms that track the number of times your ads were viewed and the number of times they were acted upon. Detailed performance tracking makes it easy to determine if your advertising is working or needs to be adjusted.
  • Advertising Campaign Scheduling: Online ads can be scheduled to run according to your precise needs. You can run ads at only certain times of the day, certain days of the week, or start and stop advertising as necessary based on the needs of your business.
  • Detailed Control Over Budget: With internet advertising, you are not trapped into a pre-determined set price for your ads. You can allocate the budget that’s right for your business at the time, and increase or decrease your advertising budget as your goals change.


This is the dawn of the digital age. Looking at your business advertising plan and reallocating it now is a wise decision. While finding the most effective marketing strategy for your business can be a difficult task, eliminating useless business advertising methods is a good first step towards that goal. If your business is investing in any one of the aforementioned methods, you are probably wasting your money that could be better invested online. Add up how much you are spending monthly and yearly on useless business advertisements and write that number down. That’s the amount of money you should be investing into high impact internet advertising instead.


It’s common sense to advertise where your potential clients are, and chances are good that most of them are online. Roughly 80% of Americans use the internet for an extended period of time on a daily basis, and that number continues to grow each year. Compare to the only 23% that read printed newspapers on a semi-frequent basis. Because internet advertising is significantly less expensive than traditional marketing methods, and most of your competitors haven’t yet figured this out, promoting your business digitally will yield higher results. Get started now to help establish your company early on and gain the competitive edge.


So, what’s the next best step after making the decision to replace outdated advertising with digital marketing? If you want quick and reliable results, find an expert internet marketing company in your area that is knowledgeable in the pros and cons of marketing your business online. These firms can help you create a new, custom marketing strategy based on a professional website, content marketing, display advertising, social media ads, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and interactive online videos. The right company can help your stand out from the competition, allowing you to grow in a modern and highly-effective way.




seenBEST Web Design

Fake Arizona Lottery Winner | What’s Hot in Social Media?

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

The Social Network Princess with seenBEST Web Design talks about: What’s Hot in Social Media? In this video learn how Nolan Daniels in Arizona fooled hundreds of thousands of people online into thinking he was the winner of a $500,000,000 (five hundred million dollars) lottery jackpot. All he needed to pull this off was a little bit of photo editing magic and his Facebook account.



Did you know that a combination of social media and video is a great way to get your business seen online? Let seenBEST help you put together the perfect strategy of video marketing combined with social marketing to educate and entertain YOUR target market.



seenBEST Web Design

Facebook Gifts, Making Gift Giving Super Simple

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

For most of us, remembering birthdays is not always our best trait. The truth is, there’s just too many other things on our minds that we need to deal with. Luckily, in today’s modern world we no longer have to miss another birthday! We now have the luxury of being reminded by our good friend Facebook who amongst our friends’ list s is having a birthday each day, allowing us to write a personalized message on their wall. But the truth is, for our closest friends on that list, a Facebook post is just not enough. A new feature called Facebook Gifts will now help you become the best bud one could ask for on their birthdays. This new feature lets users easily send gifts to friends from a list of different products being offered.
The idea is to make it simple and fast in our complex lives to choose, buy, and ship actual gifts for our loved ones without ever having to leave the Facebook site. The feature also allows the users to share it on their timelines if they choose to show it off or keep it private. Another cool option is Facebook allows you to choose to pay for the gift immediately, or until it ships. Once you select your gift, your recipient will receive an immediate notification that will show them a digital greeting card and a preview of their gift. They are then asked to provide an address where they would like to receive their gift, and may also select a size, color, or flavor of the gift when applicable, and ta-dah, their gift is on its way and in their hands in just a few days.
Gift options include several approved vendors such Starbucks, Magnolia Bakery, and Gund Teddy Bears among many others, with gifts ranging around the $20 to $30 range. Facebook says Gifts will be gradually rolling out, starting with users in the U.S. Although you are likely not to find any time soon as many gift options as you would with other online retail giants such as Amazon or Ebay, the convenience factor might eventually tickle the pickle of many of the 900 plus million Facebook users.
Own a business? For an opportunity to become a merchant on this promising new Facebook feature, you can submit your business for review on Facebook’s Merchant Interest Form.

seenBEST Web Design

What Type of Facebook Page Should You Select for Your Business?

Monday, August 20th, 2012

One of the most common mistakes people make when attempting to market a business on Facebook is selecting the wrong page type. Facebook offers a wide range of business page types, and using each of them correctly will result in a greater chance of success for your social media marketing campaign. This article will walk you through different types of Facebook pages, their relevancy to your business, and how each one can impact your marketing results.


Before we begin and, if you’re new to marketing a business on Facebook, let’s make one thing clear. A Facebook page is different from a Facebook profile. Facebook profiles are meant to be assigned to people, not companies or brands. If you’re planning to market a business on Facebook you’ll want to have already created a personal profile for you as an individual. Once that is done, visit www.facebook.com/pages and click the “Create Page” button to create a new page.


Facebook Page Types

When you create a new Facebook page, you’ll be asked to select from the following six options. Select carefully! Each option has unique benefits:

  1. Local Business or Place – If you own a local business offering a set of services or products to your customers within a limited geographical region, usually a metro area, this option is for you. In this category, you get some specific fields to fill out relevant information, like open hours, parking options, and the ability for your visitors to check in using Facebook pages. It is very important to fill in accurate details in order to maximize your reach among customers. However, if your business serves customers regionally, nationally, or globally this option is not suitable for you.
  2. Company, Organization, or Institution – This type of Facebook page is the most ideal match for a company, organization, or institution with more than one physical address. In some cases, a company sells products and services to customers in a limited area but at multiple locations. Additionally, if your company is regional, national, or global in reach you will want to select this option.
  3. Brand or Product – This Facebook page type is dedicated to brands or products being sold through more than one reseller or website. What makes this option different from the Company, Organization, or Institution option? A Company, Organization, or Institution page has brands and products that are sold by the same company at different locations, whereas in this page type, the brands and products are sold by different companies with different websites.
  4. Artist, Band or Public Figure – As the name suggests, this category is dedicated to celebrity fan pages. Each category in this option asks for relevant information according to the type selected. For example, if you select the Politician category, you’ll be asked to enter your political affiliation and views. This page type is often used by local celebrities who have reached the limit of 5,000 friends on Facebook. When switching from a personal profile to a Celebrity Facebook page you are provided more advanced options to market yourself as the brand.
  5. Entertainment – This page type is dedicated to the Entertainment industry. For example a TV show produced by a media house should not be included in Brand or Product category. Entertainment is the right choice for such page types. If you are an author and your aim is to promote your upcoming book on Facebook, Artist, Band or Public Figure is not the right choice, Entertainment is the most suitable option, if you want to promote your book.
  6. Cause or Community – This page type is specifically meant for a cause or community. If you are willing to encourage people to join a social or global cause and run a movement on Facebook. Select this page type.


Selecting the correct Facebook page type is the first step to success in Facebook Marketing. With the right selection, your brand, product, or organization will be better received and represented online.


Beyond the creation of a page, social media provides an effective way to advertise. You may need help creating or branding your new Facebook page. You may also need help taking it further, using your page to bring on new clients. It may save you a lot of time and money to seek out the help of an internet marketing expert. seenBEST provides a complete team of internet marketing experts, with all of the resources your business needs to:

  • Launch a strategic Facebook marketing campaign based on your budget and goals
  • Create, brand, and design your Facebook pages
  • Perform intelligent search engine optimization for your Facebook page text
  • Create fresh and creative content marketing campaigns
  • Convert your existing network of connections to Facebook page fans
  • Help you expand your page fans with new, targeted prospects
  • Bring in new leads and sales from Facebook
  • Train your entire staff how to use Facebook to promote your business
  • Develop Facebook apps to help expand your reach or provide value to your fans
  • Help you get the most out of your social media budget, big or small


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Social Media Integration – Strategy is Necessary for Marketing Success

Monday, August 13th, 2012

This article is part of a series of twenty articles. Click to read: The Top 20 Web Marketing Concepts Your Next Website Design Company Should Know


Social media has become an important part of the regular marketing plan for most successful businesses. Few other advertising vehicles can match social media’s ability to reach people from every walk of life in practically any corner of the globe. If your business is in a competitive industry and plans to stick around awhile, the intelligent utilization of social media for marketing is mandatory. Even if you’re not using social media right now, the chances are good that your competitors are, and they’re reaching thousands of potential clients every day.


How to Integrate Social Media with Your Business

In these digital times people are increasingly connected to the internet ‘round the clock using their home computers, work computers, smart phones, tablets, and other internet enabled devices. They spend a majority of their online time using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  They absorb information and research via blogs, websites, and forums. They watch videos on YouTube. They search for jobs and networking professionally via LinkedIn.


People who spend much of their time using social media have developed a tendency to associate with the brands and businesses they see most often on their favorite social platforms. Developing a presence on those social media platforms for your business allows you to reach these internet power users where they spend most of their time.


However, social media integration doesn’t mean simply creating a Facebook page and making a post every once in a while. True social media integration is a strategic process that involves the intelligent promotion of your social media channels everywhere, including:

  • The  use of social media badges and links on your website
  • Placing social media links and icons on all printed materials including business cards
  • Cross linking social media to blogs, and even other social media properties
  • Using social media in your PPC ad campaigns
  • Marketing through social media directly to targeted prospects
  • Specifically creating content for social media to help achieve your marketing goals


The most effective way to promote social media for a business is to talk about your social media presence everywhere. Not only on a website, but also business stationery, product brochures, flyers, business cards, television ads, etc.


Social media strategy and business integration also involves training to educate staff, teaching them how to use social media as part of their official job duties to build a positive corporate identity. Teaching them limitations, establishing guidelines of what employees should and should not do in social media properties while representing the company. And finally, a checklist of steps to take that will help amplify the effects of the official social media campaigns currently being sponsored by the company.

Benefits of Social Media Integration

Including your social media profile details throughout all available channels helps to build a network of loyal customers who are connected to and engaged with you on a regular basis. The following are important benefits of social media integration for your business:


Expanding your business network – Social media connections (fans and followers) are often the first to see the latest news about your products or services and have an ability to easily share that information with their network of friends. This helps with indirect and rapid promotion of your business, brand, products, and services across a wide audience.


Enhanced credibility – Social networks can help enhance the credibility of a business. If someone notices that a friend or other trusted person in their network has mentioned your company in a positive light, they are more likely to trust and use your product or service.


Improved sales – Several surveys and statistics confirm that the proper use of social media helps to improve business sales by increasing brand visibility and awareness.


Making social media work for business is fairly complex, mostly due to the way people are currently using it and what they expect to see there. People are easily turned off by direct advertising on these types of networks, so getting social media wrong can actually do more harm than good. When seeking to maximize your marketing budget, it’s always best to hire a team of social media optimization experts. Whereas a self-proclaimed social media guru may be able to deliver short-lived success, an experienced internet marketing company will have the knowledge and resources to create effective strategies based on your budget and goals that will deliver consistent and meaningful results.


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Why Small Business Owners Need to Take Blogging More Seriously

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Do you wish you had:

  • more traffic coming to your website?
  • better search engine ranking?
  • a name recognized and trusted as an industry expert?


You can achieve all of these with a blog. Blogging is one of the easiest, least expensive, and most effective social network marketing tools for a small business. According to Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2011 report, 13% of all bloggers are entrepreneurs – small business owners – who blog to share expertise (76%), gain professional recognition (70%) and attract new clients (68%).


Why should you blog?


To increase traffic. You and your competition are in a constant battle to get to the top of search engine rankings, which is critical to get more traffic coming to your site. One of the best ways to attract search engines is to provide fresh, relevant, keyword-rich content about your business or industry on your website. To keep a steady flow of increased traffic coming to your website, you need to keep adding content. Blogging is the answer.


To earn high search engine rankings. The more consistent you are in adding content about relevant topics to your website, the more search engines will determine that your site is valuable and give you higher rankings. And once prospects begin to see valuable information on your  website,  they’ll comment on your blogs and add links to your blogs on their sites, both of which will boost your rankings even higher.


To establish an Internet presence.  With limited time and money for marketing, small businesses need to take advantage of the low-cost opportunities available on the Internet to share expertise, build community, and establish relationships with a much larger audience. Your name can quickly be seen by hundreds or thousands of visitors who are looking for the information you provided in your post, and those visitors will tell their friends. They may even put a link to your blog on their Facebook, LinkedIn or other social networking site. In essence, they’re marketing for you.


To keep up with – or stay ahead of – your competition. Do you want to take the early lead or play catch up with your competitors? When you blog about your business and industry at least once or twice a week, the Internet audience will become familiar with your name, and when they’re ready to buy, they’ll come to the name they’ve learned to trust – yours.


Studies have shown that blogging can bring small businesses twice as many visitors as their competitors who don’t blog. And more visitors = more potential clients = more sales!


Blogging is one of the most cost effective marketing tools for a small business. But once you start blogging, you need to be consistent – at least once or twice a week. If you’re not sure you can make this commitment, but you want to realize the amazing benefits of blogging for small businesses, call seenBEST Web Design in Phoenix, AZ. The professionals at seenBEST can help you develop a plan. They can help you:

  • Create a new website with a blog
  • Add a blog to an existing website
  • Perform advanced SEO research that will help guide your blogging efforts
  • Provide blog training (to individuals and groups)
  • Provide a seasoned blog writer to help you achieve industry credibility and attract new customers
  • Build a solid social media marketing program for your business that ties into your blogging efforts

Start blogging today! Call us at (480) 256-9010 to schedule your free consultation, and meet with our internet marketing experts to discuss ways we can help your business achieve marketing success on the internet.



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Facebook changes the ads and sponsored stories creation process

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Logging in to my Facebook advertising account this morning I found a new message:


“New: We’ve updated how you create ads and sponsored stories. Learn more.”


Whoa! A changed Facebook advertisement creation interface. Instead of placing me immediately into the configuration of a new ad, Facebook is now asking for an ad destination before anything else is visible. For destination it appears that you can enter a page, app, or external URL and the drop down box will automatically select the best option. From here, Facebook makes some determinations as to what you see next based on the destination you select.


Here’s a quick list of the most important changes that I’ve noticed right away in the new ad creation interface:

  • The ad creation process is now more of a step-by-step process and series of questions
  • You have more flexibility when assigning app URLs to ad copy and page posts
  • You can add optional URL tags to new ads
  • Pricing is completely changed, you can no longer set CPM manually


The biggest change I see deals with pricing. Before you can set pricing, you’re first asked an objective. What would you like people to do, like the page or click on your ad? Changing that selection automatically converts your ad between CPM and CPC.


I was surprised to see that CPM no longer allows us to set a bid price! After creating a new CPM ad the status of the ad in the main dashboard shows up as Optimized CPM.


Overall, I think the recent changes are helpful to people who are new with advertising on Facebook. The step by step questions will allow them to make better advertising choices. For those of us with more experience and especially people who are creating multiple ads on a daily basis, the new process does seem to make the ad creation process slower. It’s going to take me a little while to get used to this.


What do you think? Please leave a comment.



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