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How Geo-Targeting Affects Your Online Marketing Campaigns

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Recent technological advancements in the field of internet marketing have made sophisticated targeting methods possible that will forever change the way local businesses market products and services. It used to be that a company first needed to purchase an expensive address or telephone number list in order to target market their message to customers in a specific area.  Thanks to geo-targeted placement of online advertisements, that expense is gone! In the digital age, businesses have more control than ever over who sees their ads. Geo-targeting features are built right into the advertising platform at no additional cost, with no list to buy or maintain.


What Is Geo-Targeting?

It is the process of limiting the display of your ads to a certain segment of people who are filtered out by location. Groups of people are usually included or excluded by Zip Code, City, State, or Region. The correct implementation of geo-targeting practices will enhance the success rate of your ads by displaying advertisements for your products or services only to potential buyers in the areas you select. Almost every online advertising medium offers the ability to geo-target your ads. Google, Facebook, and other platforms offer useful controls to target an audience geographically.


Potential Benefits of Geo-Targeting

The most important benefit of geo-targeting is the ability to maximize your advertising budget and focus all of your expenditures into bringing you the most qualified leads possible. Geo-targeting can have a significant impact on an internet marketing campaign because, as mentioned above, it helps to restrict your visibility. If you are a local business that only has the ability to service a single city or metro area, promoting your business globally won’t help and will actually lead to wasted marketing budget. Here comes geo-targeting to the rescue, restricting your ads so you’re only spending money to advertise your message to visitors that live or work in your serviceable region.


Another benefit of location specific advertising is the ability to include specific languages and promotions to different people in different areas. For example, let’s image you own a pizza delivery restaurant in Phoenix and provide delivery service valley-wide. You may have found over several years of doing business that people who live and work in one specific area of Scottsdale order pizza more frequently than another group of people located in Apache Junction. You can take advantage of your unique business knowledge by creating a different advertisement for each group of people, each ad with unique language and even displayed on different schedules.


In addition, you have an opportunity to relate to your customers by directly mentioning the areas you are showing ads in while geo-targeting your ad campaigns. If your ads are being displayed in individual Arizona cities, you can mention the city name in the ad copy for each ad. You can further appeal to each demographic by pointing different ads to different physical store locations, always advertising your nearest local shop to the targeted area.


Implementation of a successful geo-targeting campaign is not an easy task and should be performed by an internet marketing expert. To conserve advertising budget it is important to consult with an online marketing company that has detailed knowledge of online advertising and can help you cost-effectively advertise your local business.


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