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What is the Benefit of a Custom Website Design?

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013


Hi, I’m the Social Network Princess with seenBEST and today we’re going to answer the question:

What is the Benefit of a Custom Website Design?


A custom website, unlike a do-it-yourself-website, is a website that has been created by a professional team.


As a business owner, you want to have the best website to represent your brand. That’s what you’ll get when you hire experts who have dedicated their lives to helping businesses successfully advertise online.


By hiring an expert team, you’ll be able to focus on managing your business instead of stumbling through the complicated process of website design and internet marketing.


Bring in more customers! Having a professional website gives you the competitive edge, and will convince potential buyers to choose you over the competition.


Getting a custom website for your business is as simple as meeting with seenBEST to discuss your ideas. We handle everything from start to finish, all you have to worry about is taking care of your customers.


seenBEST provides comprehensive website design, web development, and internet marketing solutions. If you have any questions about how we can help you get your business found online, call us at (480) 256-9010 to schedule a free consultation.


Would you like to connect with me in Social Media? Visit The Social Network Princess website, +1 seenBEST on Google+ at plus.google.com/117422698423525327567/posts and Like us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/seenBEST.Web.Design. Thank you so much for watching, see you next time!


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Need an Amazing Website? Get seenBEST Web Design.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Thank you for your interest in seenBEST. If you are looking for the best website design, affordable advertising solutions that will help you increase sales, or intelligent social media and web application development…


seenBEST will amaze you!


We are locally owned and operated, and dedicated to providing you with high quality service at competitive prices. Unlike most unreliable internet marketing companies out there, we never trap you in lengthy contracts with cookie cutter solutions that don’t work. At seenBEST, a web expert meets with you to learn details about your business, goals, unique challenges and expectations.


Our professional team then uses this knowledge to provide custom, high impact solutions perfectly designed for your specific needs and budget.


Get seen BEST and gain the competitive edge online. To find out why we are the BEST choice when you need to get seen online, submit the form on our homepage for a free copy of our book @ www.seenbest-web-design.com


Then make your next web project as simple as a free consultation with our expert team.


Call now to schedule, (480) 256-9010


Thank you!

seenBEST Web Design

Bring in New Customers for Your Business | Stand Out and Get Seen

Monday, November 5th, 2012

How can seenBEST Web Design, Arizona’s best website design and internet marketing company, help your company grow?



You want to stand out from the competition. With the best website, you’ll get seen by the right people. The problem is finding an experienced team of web professionals that can provide high quality services at affordable prices. seenBEST provides comprehensive solutions for all your website and internet marketing needs. Let’s look at what’s involved in getting a website design you’ll love and a marketing program with proven results for the best return on investment.


You can’t get more business until you attract more web traffic. Sure, a pretty website is great, but you can’t grow without a professional custom website, web application development, content management, and social media, integrated with marketing and lead generation strategies. You can make your site stand out in your industry and be found by appealing to your ideal customers and presenting a professional appearance.


First, you need a functional website design that considers all the features of the site that your visitors need and expect…that’s how you get them to take the action you want –sign up…call…buy! Then, apply search engine optimization and marketing strategies to generate new leads and increase sales, and pull it all together with storyboards to see the whole picture. At this point, you’re probably thinking … With all these things to consider, I need a team!


That’s where seenBEST can help. Our team can build a custom website as the centerpiece of your online marketing strategy. From small businesses to corporations in any industry, seenBEST produces professional websites that showcase your business as the best in your industry, with high quality at affordable prices.  Having the perfect website is important, but it’s not enough. You need an internet marketing strategy that drives the right people to your site, so that you can achieve your desired return on investment.


To make your website stand out from the competition and get seen by more people, you can’t rely on traditional marketing programs. This is where many businesses get hung up. To get results online, you need search engine marketing, traffic building, social media campaigns, and web analytics. seenBEST gets you to the top of search engine rankings with search engine optimization based on keyword research. That’s how ready buyers get to your site. It takes quality content such as blog articles, website text and landing pages, an integrated social media campaign designed to target the right people and increase visibility, and professional videos that market your business and bring in new customers.


seenBEST is Arizona’s best website design and internet marketing company. Our local team of experts is ready to help. Don’t lose another day of sales. Why not call for a free consultation now? Call 480-256-9010 and learn how you can make your sales grow!


seenBEST Web Design

Why an SEO Strategy Should Govern Your Next Website Design

Monday, October 1st, 2012

The construction of a professional new website for your business and brand can be a major undertaking. While you definitely want to focus on the website design itself, you should never neglect the “what comes next” question during the design meeting, the first and most critical phase of website development. Working under the assumption “build it and they will come” during a new website design makes it easy to overlook key SEO design elements that are so vital to driving traffic, generating leads and marketing your business on the internet.


In order for your business or brand to draw in new business via online marketing you will need strong placement on major search engines and tight integration with social media.  That’s why your new website should be designed, developed, and launched by an internet marketing team with in-depth knowledge of how all of the small pieces work together to complete the larger picture. To get the best possible marketing results online, your website design plan should be fashioned around SEO friendly elements that impact search engine results and social media campaign performance.


Search Engine Friendly Design Process Considerations

Website optimized for SEO perform better in search engines both organically and via paid search. They also perform better than non-SEO websites when used in conjunction with a social media marketing campaign. The following is a list of SEO related concepts that should be planned prior to starting work on the design and development of a new website:

  • SEO Keyword Analysis
  • Social Media Integration Plan
  • HTML Coding Standards
  • CSS and Scripts Integration and Minimization Strategy
  • File and URL Naming
  • Proper Alternate Text and Image Code
  • Use of Proper Anchor Text


Website Navigation and UI

Websites optimized for SEO are easier to use and provide a user interface that is better organized to the needs of the visitor. The improved navigation and user interface provided by SEO logic results in a positive effect on a website’s bounce rate, helping convert a higher ratio of visitors into leads. Some important navigational aspects which are benefited by SEO insights are as follows:

  • Which internal web pages are linked to from the homepage
  • How to best incorporate breadcrumbs
  • Managing the best cross navigation between pages
  • The website sitemap


SEO Planning Saves Time and Money

Blending SEO into the website design process harmoniously ties together elements of design, functionality, and performance. Successful marketing websites are formed as the result of a strong relationship between search engine optimization and website design principles. From a cost and efficiency standpoint, a website development process realizes several important benefits when design and marketing pieces are strategically planned in advance:

  • The web designer has better direction that results in a design that appeals closely to the needs of the target customer and visitor. Costly design revisions are often unnecessary down the road due to proper initial SEO planning and targeting.
  • The web developer has a clearer understanding of the right framework, code, and features to integrate when programming the website. Costly revisions to the framework of the website are minimized when SEO is integrated from the start.
  • The SEO team can spend less time focusing on the on-page optimization of the website during future internet marketing campaigns. They can instead use the excellent tool that is your new SEO optimized website to immediately launch successful search engine marketing campaigns.



Proper SEO during the website design process not only saves time and money, it also has a direct impact on marketability. A website designed with sound SEO principles will;

  • generate more traffic from search engines,
  • perform better in paid search engine marketing campaigns,
  • provide more value to associated social media campaigns,
  • and provide a better user experience to new visitors, leading to increased conversions.


If you have plans to design a new website, or redesign and improve an existing website, it is always important to let SEO planning guide the web design process. The planning you do during early stages of the design process play an important role later and help determine future website success. Hiring an expert web design and internet marketing company that is knowledgeable of the important relationship between SEO and Web Design is likely to provide the best results.

seenBEST Web Design

Why Select Custom Shopping Cart Software for Your Online Store?

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

E-Commerce is one of the most lucrative forms of businesses available today. With little investment you can create a store on the internet and stock it with a nearly unlimited showcase of products and services.  Although anyone can easily start an online business with a website, success often depends greatly upon a complex blend of several factors, such as:

  • The range of products being offered
  • The pricing of products in your store vs. other online competitors
  • Marketing and advertising approach
  • The checkout process
  • The overall design and concept
  • The layout of the pages, especially the product pages
  • The speed of the store
  • The uniqueness of the store


However, more important than any of those items when creating a store is the shopping cart software selected to run it. Why? The shopping cart software directly impacts all of the above factors and powers the entire customer shopping experience. Therefore, selecting the appropriate shopping cart is a crucial step.


Shopping cart software comes in many varieties, the most common of which are pre-configured online shopping carts from a shopping cart provider at a fixed monthly fee. Many companies offer cookie-cutter shopping carts, providing the same exact shopping cart solution to thousands of customers. These cookie cutter shopping carts are a good choice if you are interested in the cheapest solution possible with sales performance a secondary concern to cost. Alternatively, you can have an online store custom built for your business. A custom online store can be built to your exact specifications providing complete control over the purchasing process of users, products management, and future scalability options. If your goal is to provide the greatest possible chance for sales success, now and into the future, a custom built shopping cart is the way to go.


Custom Shopping Cart Benefits

As the name suggests, custom online shopping carts are built to address all the unique needs of a business. They offer several advantages over the hosted (off the shelf cookie-cutter) shopping carts. Some of the main benefits of custom shopping carts are as follows:

  • Range of products – Many of the cookie-cutter online stores limit the number of products you can display before expensive pricing increases are applied. With a custom shopping cart, a virtually unlimited number of products can be hosted for no additional cost.
  • Pricing options – Most cookie-cutter online stores are very limiting in the way you can price products, with all products needing to conform to the same pricing system. With a custom shopping cart, custom pricing schemes can be implemented to apply to different types or categories of products within the same store. Additionally, there is no limit the types of discounts or promotions you can apply to products in a custom storefront.
  • Marketing and advertising – Custom shopping carts often perform better in search engine rankings due to the ability to completely control source code on all pages. Specifically crafted SEO tags that are different on each page will allow a custom storefront to outperform most cookie-cutter websites where most pages are identical.
  • Checkout process – With a custom shopping cart, the entire checkout process can be customized to appeal to the needs of the business and the customer. The information collected, types of payment supported, and processes that run during checkout can be configured to meet specific needs. Unfortunately, with off the shelf shopping cart software the checkout process is almost always locked down and impossible to modify.
  • Overall design – While some off the shelf shopping carts provide a way to modify various aspects of the shopping cart design, most are limited in what you can do. A custom online store will allow you to design and brand a store that looks completely identical to your official business website.
  • Layout – A custom store will allow you to layout your product pages any way you desire and include images, video, and other functionality into your pages in any configuration. Off the shelf stores often provide rigid product page layouts that cannot be changed.
  • Speed – With access to the source code it is possible to use code improvements, compression, and caching to speed up the delivery of page content for online stores. These improvements will help improve website ranking.
  • Uniqueness – Obviously, any off the shelf store will not be very unique when thousands of other websites run on the same exact platform. With a custom shopping cart steps can be taken to ensure that no other store on the internet contains the same set of features, providing your visitors with a fun and unique user experience.
  • Control over data – A custom shopping cart solution provides custom reporting abilities, control over the source code, control over the root database, and complete access to all store data and records. In a hosted shopping cart, your data is stored on a central server owned by the shopping cart owning company. An off the shelf shopping cart is less secure and possibly available for review to parties unknown to you or your business.
  • Scalability – Hosted shopping carts by their nature are fixed and inflexible, with very real limitations on what your account can and cannot do. Custom shopping carts, on the other hand, provide unlimited support for customization, can be changed in any way imaginable, and have virtually no limit to how far they can scale to accommodate your business needs.


If you are planning to launch an e-Commerce business you should definitely consider custom shopping carts vs. standardized solutions carefully. To determine what shopping cart solution is right for your business, consult with an expert website development company. They will be able to help you implement the perfect solutions for your needs and budget that will increase sales and outperform the competition.

seenBEST Web Design

The Importance of Source Code: Do You REALLY Own That New Website or Application?

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Have you considered hiring a website design or development company to create a new website, custom web application, or mobile application for your business? It is important to be careful and ask some important questions before signing on to any commitment. Some of the most important:

  • Will the website or application be programmed using industry standard programming languages?
  • What programming language is being used?
  • Can the website or application be hosted anywhere or will it require special hardware or software to operate?
  • Will I have access to all source code, domains, and database files upon completion?


The last question is extremely important! Before hiring any web development company you should make sure they will provide you with actual source code if requested upon project completion. So, why is the source code so important?


The Importance of Source Code

The source code is the base of your website or web application. It contains all the programmed code, components, scripts, and API’s used to allow your website or web application to run. Everything that happens with regards to your website and web application flows through the source code and depends entirely on the source code to function. Any time you want to perform any upgrade, install any new component, or fix any bug the developer will need the source code to make the necessary changes.


Sometimes, incompetent web development companies lock the final source code to make customers dependent upon them for any kind of edits or upgrades. They do this in order to charge hefty maintenance fees, even for minor changes. It can be said that some companies will hold your business hostage – refusing to release the source code to you for a website that you purchased in order to charge you whatever they desire. This is a bad situation and may leave you with no option other than agreeing with the conditions/charges imposed by the service provider.


With access to the source code, on the other hand, it is possible for you to take your application anywhere to get help. Having the source code could come in handy if:

  • your relationship with the original developer sours,
  • you cannot afford their rates,
  • the original developer goes out of business or moves.


It is very important to get an assurance from any future web development company that the source code is available to you should you need it. You can ask and get a verbal commitment, or look for a clause of source code release in the contract.


The Ethical Approach

An ethical web company understands that you are paying them to provide a finished product that you will eventually own. If you are involved in building a custom web project, the source code is your intellectual property and you should own all the rights of reuse or repurpose it in any possible way. During your initial meeting with the web development company, insist on mainstream programming standards, along with good inline comments, and if necessary a summary of work at the end that allows you to handle any upgrades or edits with ease.


Make it a point to hire a web design and development company who agrees to provide you with a copy of your source code any time you need it. Ethical web development companies may charge a little more up front than the incompetent development companies who lock your source code. Over the life cycle of the application, however, you will recover that initial cost and thousands more back via lower cost of ownership. These ethical web development companies always do a better job initially and provide a higher quality of service over time. They often realize that the only thing they have to keep you coming back is quality service, not over-the-top expensive maintenance contracts that lock you in and leave you with no alternatives.

seenBEST Web Design

The Psychology of Colors in Website Design

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Visitors to a website begin to form initial opinions about a new web page they are visiting within a matter of seconds.  One of the most significant factors that helps determine that first impression, good or bad, is the color scheme. The colors and graphics used on the site play a very important role in helping to shape the way a new visitor thinks about your company.


When designing new websites, an expert website design and internet marketing team will assess the thought patterns of your potential visitors. By focusing on your targeted audience and through the knowledge of color psychology, they can device a strategic use of suitable colors that will leave a positive impact on visitors. The correct use of colors can help you increase sales (whether directly or indirectly) by demonstrating to your visitors that you understand and relate to their needs.


Implementing Color Themes

The selection of relevant colors and graphics can work wonders. The human brain has been programmed by most cultures to recognize different colors and assign each of them to various emotional states. The following are examples of basic color groups with descriptions of how individual colors are generally perceived by most people.


Warm Colors

Red: Dangerous, Energetic, Powerful, Romantic

Orange: Warm and Exciting

Yellow: Happy, Energetic, Cheery


Neutral Colors

White: Innocent, Clean, Spacious

Grey: Detached, Calm, Cold, Mature

Brown: Comfortable, Secure, Down to Earth

Black: Powerful, Depressing, Mysterious


Cool Colors

Blue: Calm, Peaceful, Soothing

Purple: Wealthy, Passionate, Exotic

Green:  Lucky, Healthy, Wealthy


Various Shades and Geographical Differences of Color Psychology

Along with the base emotions that each color represents, various shades (lighter or darker) can change the way each color is received. For example, a lighter gray can evoke feelings of calm while a darker gray may evoke stronger feelings of maturity. Additionally, the meaning of each color can change with region. For example, the color blue represents immortality in China; protectiveness in the middle-east, and in India it has religious importance. When designing regional or international websites it is helpful to understand geographical color psychologies.


A website should always be designed with the end user in mind. Part of the planning process when you sit down with an internet marketing expert to discuss a new website will be a determination of who your target visitors are. The resulting design should ultimately match your corporate identity as well as make use of colors that are a perfect fit for your target audience.


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